This is a tough place that we live in today, financially speaking, and any methods that we can find to save money have got to be good. This is where VoIP technology comes in, including of course the WiFi phone. VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol and its essentially allows you to make phone calls, even long distance phone calls, for free. When VoIP first allowed free phone calls, you were restricted fairly severely by needing a PC in order to take advantage. Nowadays you can purchase several brands of WiFi phone which will make it possible for you to place calls via VoIP without the need to even be near a computer. One of these telephones is the Netgear WiFi phone. This article is going to review some of the basic technology behind WiFi, behind VoIP in general, and it will review some of the WiFi phones that are available to purchase.

When you use a normal landline phone, the process is so simple. You pick up the phone, once you hear the dialling tone you can dial the number of the person you wish to call, you speak with that person, and when you are finished speaking you simply replace the receiver back into its receptacle to finish the conversation. There are several processes going on in order to make this all possible. But, the whole process relies on telephone wires, switches, and circuits. WiFi phones, which come under the label smart phones, use packet switching as their method of operation. This means that the entire conversation is broken down into individual packets of data. These packets of data are then transmitted over the Internet as they are needed. This makes the whole process far more efficient and cost-effective because the circuit and are not open for the entirety of the conversation, as in landline operation, they only flash open to receive the individual data packet, snapping shut after the delivery.

Skype is a free service which takes advantage of this VoIP technology. Skype is free if you are calling somebody else who is also using Skype. As said before, you can use this type of service through your PC, but you can also use the Skype service through a WiFi phone. The Netgear wifi phone sph200w is one of these VoIP enabled phones. This will allow you to speak for up to 4 hours of Wireless phone time, with a standby time of 48 hours. If you can get an open WiFi signal, you can make and take Skype calls. You have the capacity to store up to 500 contact numbers, and there is a speakerphone built in.

There are also other WiFi phones on the market. Two of the most popular are the Netgear WiFi phone, as previously mentioned, and the Belkin WiFi phone. When you are talking about the Belkin versus Netgear WiFi phone, there is not much of a difference. These are actually the first two Skype handsets that are available for WiFi use. The main thing is that you can receive and make free calls using both of these phones.