Trampolines are perfectly safe to use if nothing goes wrong... but how often can you say that about anything you use regularly? It's therefore a common sense precaution to make use of nets and other safety equipment to keep your trampoline fun and enjoyable. Without such things, you risk your bodily health in ways that are wholly unnecessary!

Besides buying nets separately, you can also get them as a part of a trampoline set. This will frequently be lower in total price than buying the two products separately. It also, of course, greatly increases the default structural design compatibility between the net and the trampoline. Since they were made to work together, chances are they'll do so very well. This isn't always the case with separately bought nets.

Don't just assume that the poles for a net will be perfect for your trampoline. Just as trampoline models differ, so do the pole supports their nets use. It's important to get poles that will fit well and be firm. And if a net product seems oddly cheap, it may very well lack these necessary poles. Don't buy a poleless net product thinking it's the full enclosure.

A net should obviously be the right size for your trampoline. Pull out the measuring tape if necessary to get the right net size and shape. Most net products for trampolines are made to work well with the more common sizes. If you have a trampoline in the nine to twelve feet range there shouldn't be many problems.

Do you know how much weight your net can take before it risks breaking? You should, because if you don't you're just gambling again, instead of operating within the parameters of safety. Most of them have fairly generous weight allowances, and can take two hundred or more pounds before having trouble.

It's a good idea to buy a net that is described as both waterproof and weatherproof. This is a common trait among the various nets for trampolines and is easy to find. Without it, you'll be forced to set up and take down your net far more often than you really need to. Getting a net that is just as sturdy as your trampoline for environmental conditions is simply the practical thing to do.

Trampoline safety net products come in two types. The one type less mentioned so far is one designed to provide a barrier at the lower side of the trampoline. Do you have children who could crawl where they shouldn't be? Perhaps a pet that wanders too much? Then this kind of net is just what you need.

Whether you're browsing a mini trampoline for sale or a full-sized twelve foot one, nets are most cheap when they come with the trampoline as a part of it. But sometimes you just realize the need of a net after getting the trampoline by itself. In such cases, you may pay anywhere from seventy to a hundred and forty dollars for a good net product. It depends mostly on the inclusion or lack of a frame.