With all the work from home opportunities Network Marketing has to up at the top of the list. There are plenty of work from home opportunities, in fact the internet is awash with them. If you Google 'work from home' you will find 5,070,000,000 searches, so its a very popular marketplace. But with all the different opportunities and industries which should you choose. This is a personal matter for you. Only you will know your strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, only you will know in what direction you really want to go. In this article we will look at the networking marketing industry and put forward a few things that you should consider.

Network Marketing, Multilevel marketing and Affiliate marketing are basically the same business model. Network marketing as we shall call it started in the fifties and has gradually grown in size to the extent that its estimated 150,000 new people join every week. Think India, think China. Over the years it has changed and expanded its methods. The biggest change being the internet. Now, new networking companies, can, right from the very start of their business promote it as a global enterprise.

For many people networking companies will always be associated with pyramid scams, just like 40 years ago, when people laughed at the concept of franchising. Now franchising is responsible for over a third of retail sales in America. However, unlike franchising network marketing will not not cost you a mountain of debt. It will mean time and effort, but the rewards can be colossal. With so many people out of work and many more realising that job security is non existent, more and more are turning to network marketing. Not only that, but for many people network marketing is providing a much needed second income in economic hard times. In the past ten years it has come out of the shadows to become a dominant market trend. Network marketing is no longer something to be laughed at. It is creating more millionaires to than any other industry.

The present time is probably the best time to join a Networking company. In its infancy, network marketing was a much more difficult business to run. The network marketer had to handle distribution, stock inventory, order products for their down line and accounting. On top of this you would be expected to bring in new recruits, hold meetings and more. For many but the most determined this was all to much. With the advent of the internet this all changed. Things became much easier. Now networking has evolved into a different animal. Networking companies have also realised that the poor retention rate of new prospect was dragging the industry down to the point that they have had to change.

 Here are some points to consider:

Start up costs:  This is probably a major deciding factor. Start up costs are very low when compared with traditional businesses or franchises. Do not choose your future business solely on this point. Think everything through carefully and choose the company that will help you achieve what you want in life.

Stock:  Don't get tied into a company that requires you to buy and hold stock every month. Choose a company that ships it out direct to your customer.

Accounts:  You will not have to get involved with the business accounts and associated paperwork. The company does it all for you. You will have to supply income detail and receipts to the tax man. Although in some instances even this is done for you. 

Customers:  You are no longer expected to try and talk your family and friends into joining your new business. With the internet, marketing your business is very easy, its cheap and even free. With two billion potential customers online there is no reason to  talk about your new business even to the people you know.

Global business:  Within seconds of signing up you could have your own free website marketing to the world. Most Networking companies now supply a ready made website for all their members. Now you can reach the 2 billion people that use the internet every day, turning your website into a 24 hour marketing machine.

Equal opportunity: Networking is structured in such a way that everybody has to start from the same place. At the bottom. How far and how fast you build your networking business is solely down to you. Whether you are a struggling stay at home parent, or a high flying sales executive, it make no difference.  

No More Meetings:  It used to be a case of attending a meeting at least once a month, and trying to drag some poor soul along with you in the hope that they might sign up. Not any more. Now,  modern technology provides us with webinars. Sit in the comfort of your own home and watch and listen to the latest updates. If you have someone who is interested in the business simple get them to switch into the webinar from their home.

Free Training: Depending on how large and how fast you wish to build your business, you will probably find that there are areas where you have little or no experience. Fear not, free training is available covering all aspects of the business.

Help and Support:  With traditional businesses it can be a lonely occupation with no one to turn to. Even if you employ workers, would you want to confide in them with your business problems. Its the opposite in networking. The way that networking is structured gives you access to many experienced people who are more than willing to help you. After all its in their self interest to do so. This team building structure is responsible for the high success rate of networking when compared to other businesses.

Networking:  Although you can build a very good income simply from retailing the products, as many people do. The way to create a massive residual income is to build a team. With the internet you can successfully build a team without even meeting any of them face to face. Consistent team building and helping others will at some point reward you to the extent that you will never have to work again ever. Your team that you have built will go on growing and generating your income.

Unlimited Income:  For the majority of people Network Marketing is a secondary income. $200 -$400 a month make all the difference. It can be a lifeline. For others its the only way to make the big incomes that otherwise would be forever out of their grasp.

Marketing:  It used to be case of 'do as I do' when, as a new network marketer you would duplicate the efforts of your upline or team leader. If your team leader was a great salesmen with the gift of the gab, they could cold call and sell anything. How would you feel trying to copy someone like that. We all love to buy but very few of us love to sell. Once again the internet has come to the forefront. Now individual networkers can go their own way. Find your own way to market your business. With so many avenues to chose from you will find the ones that suit you, and don't forget about marketing off line. 

Product:  With the help of modern technology some networking companies have cleverly designed their business around a free product. The networker gives the product away. The customer gets it for free and the costs are paid by a third party such as an advertiser. With no pressure on the networker to make a sale. And no pressure on the customer to part with their hard earned money. It is this type of innovation that will explode the networking industry into the 21st century.