If you have spent any time at all in network marketing you know the importance of a good down line. In fact it has been said that the care and feeding of your down line should be the only concern of a mlm business owner. If you don't have a strong organization in this game then you don't have anything. You must find the people who will grow your business if you want to get to the top and make the big money.

Some people think that when you are trying to convert network marketing leads the signing of the person's name on the line is the most important part of the process. They view that as the sale in the game of selling the business so you can get a new member. This is absolutely the wrong idea to have. Getting a new member is not the end of the game. The sale is just the first step in a hopefully long relationship that will help both of your to obtain your goals. You need to be finding people who will help you to build your organization by building their own. You aren't just looking for another name, you are looking for someone who will be your partner.

When you are in sales you don't really care much about the character of the customer. In fact, it really doesn't come in to play at all as long as he or she has the money. The main focus in a selling relationship is to get paid for the product or service. This is the opposite of the main focus in a network marketing lead generation and conversion process. You do care about the character of the person because you are counting on them to help you. There is absolutely no reason to bring a person in to the program if they can't work it and help make you money.

So part of the process is your being sold on the potential new member not just you selling them. Is this someone who you can work with? Is this someone who will be able to work on their own without you holding their hand all the time? Will this person put in the footwork required to make this program work? If you answer any of these questions in the negative then you need to really think about whether you should waste your time on this person. You are looking for new members who will be a success not people who will act like leaches on your time.

MLM Network Marketing is not just a numbers game. If you are only trying to get as many members as possible then you will never get good people to build your business. Without a strong organization you don't have anything.