Lets face it, no business is perfect, there will always be faults. However with network marketing there does seem to be a disproportionate number of people crying pyramid or scam. This is a shame because although the networking business is not perfect there is an awful lot going for it. The likes of Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki know what their talking about when they endorse the principles behind it.

One of the outstanding feature's of network marketing is I believe the main reason why so many people give up, and then say it doesn't work. It's a double edged sword.
Look at it like this. If you are going to start up a conventional business. Lets say a shop. To start with you will need premises. Which means taking out a lease and paying rent, re-fitting, then you will have to pay uniform business rates, buy stock, find staff . Its a nightmare, its going to cost you a lot of money.

Taking out a franchise is also an expensive way to get into business. Even at the more inexpensive end of the market you are looking at $12,000 to $15,000 start up.

If you were to consider taking up one of the above options you would be looking at a large amount of money. It would require a lot of thought and you would have to realise the long term commitment that you would be under taking. Having your own business can be very rewarding, it can also be very risky. That is why only a small proportion of people opt to start up in business, most would rather take the easy route of being employed.

A network marketing business on the other hand is a very different kettle of fish. Five years hard work can put you in the six figure income bracket. You can easily google for 'MLM top earners' to see the large incomes being made. A person looking to start a new business will do their research and quickly drop the conventional business or franchise idea. Opting for a network marketing opportunity, because not only are large income clearly being made, but the cost of joining is in most cases less than $100.

Its so easy. For less than $100 you can be in business with the backing of a multi million dollar business. Your own website, pre printed business cards, network marketing training and everything else you need to succeed. And that is great. To me that is just fantastic, what an opportunity. However, it is still a business. It will still require your time and effort.  
Herein lies the problem. Within a few months its case of 'I haven't got time' today. 'I can't be bothered' or 'I need to watch something on the television'. So who cares, it was only $100 start up and I'm only making $55 a month anyway.

Although very good incomes can be made from network marketing it seems that because of the low costs of joining, in many instances it is not really seen as a real, serious business.
If you are considering networking marketing, whether to supplement your income or with a view of building a full time income. Then treat it as a real business. Get organised. Put in the time, put in the effort even if you can only work part time at it. Also consider the type of person that you are. Would you sign up to a networking company if the entry costs were very high. Is having your own business really you because network marketing is not for everybody.