You might think that white bedroom designs are boring. You might even have a white bedroom by default just because you live in an apartment or can't paint. You might just not have gotten around to decorating yet. A white bedroom doesn't have to feel blah. You can use a monochromatic palette that is gender neutral. This is also a good way to stage your house to sell because it appeals to most everyone.

Make it match. You might just have a white bedroom because it was that way when you moved into the home. You might have collected furniture from family and friends and used the bedding that you already had in the room. This can lead to a hodge podge mess that might even just feel like a dorm room. You need to make the design look intentional. You can reupholster your headboard and refinish the rest of your furniture so that it looks more like a set. You may even have to paint your walls a brighter white if you want a contemporary looking space. The purpose is to make it look like you designed your room to be white. Otherwise it will just seem like you didn't decorate al all.

Bring in texture and pattern. You won't have any trouble finding curtains or throw pillows with white fabric on them. You need to bring in texture so your room doesn't look like a snow avalanche. This adds depth to the room and it will probably feel more luxurious. You might want to vary the shades of accessories to include winter whites and creams for subtle interest. You can even paint one wall a really deep chocolate brown. For a country feel you can even use different patterns like a matlesse quilt and striped pillows. This will keep your room from feeling boring, even if it is all white.

Add life. When you think of an all white room you may envision a hospital. You can try bringing in plants. For a modern or tropical feel the plants should be oversized. For more of a spa look use subtle white flowers. If you don't want the upkeep then hang botanical prints on the wall; just make sure they have a white background and mat so they tie in with the rest of the room.

White wood bedroom furniture can go in as many different design directions as you can think of. If you get a convertible crib your child may have a white bedroom set from the time they are born until they leave the house for college. Then you could use the same furniture in a guest room. This is very versatile and will save you a lot of money. You won't have constantly replace your furniture.

You can also easily update your basic wood furniture with a little sandpaper, primer and paint for a complete makeover. It will even feel differently depending on how you finish it. If you want modern furniture start out with low end tables with straight lines and paint them the brightest white possible. For a country, cottage or shabby chic look use iron plant stands or any pieces with scrolls. They don't even have to match. You can start off with a darker layer of paint underneath cream tones. Then you can sand the edges down so the black or chocolate brown paint shows through for an aged appearance.

You can use white paint to solve problems in your bedroom. Your room might be small and feel more like a closet instead of a master bedroom. This is especially true in city condos. Add in texture, like putting molding or paneling on the wall. Then paint it the same color as your furniture. Soften the room with crisp white window treatments. This way your room will feel bigger, but also appear like it has more light in it then it actually does.

Creams and taupes will be key players if you want a beach inspired room. You can either keep the room all white or mix it up a little. You might want to paint your furniture a worn blue gray. Distress it with glaze so it looks weathered. You can even find a ceiling fan that looks like palm fronds for a tropical flair. I know, I know most interior decorators frown on ceiling fans but they are still a necessity in some homes. You mine as well make them look good. You'll need to find a fan that has the right scale for the space.

You'll also want to focus on the ceiling and create an illusion of interest and more height with this beachy design style. This will help your room feel more like it is connected to the outdoors. Painted bead board lends a beach cottage feeling. If you really want to change things up use paneling all the way up on the wall instead of just using the basic wainscoting on the bottom half of the room. Again, this adds interest to neutral colors. This can be an expensive and extensive DIY project. You may just want to use it on the wall behind the bed to save money and your sanity.

When you think of a teen's bedroom your first inclination probably isn't to paint it white. You might gravitate towards hot pink or navy blue. This can seem too juvenile. Plus, kids' rooms are usually smaller so you don't want to overwhelm it with color. A good approach is to go with a contemporary design style. Paint the walls a crisp white. Then use pops of color throughout the space. You can even bring in orange bedding or apple green furniture. This will feel more sophisticated so the overall design will probably last longer.

A white bedroom is relaxing, cheerful and neutral at the same time. You may have a spouse who only likes beige rooms. Compromise by redecorating but use neutral colors that will be easy to live with. You can still have a unique design style or get a theme across.