cheap spectacles

If you are looking to buy spectacles at a cheap price , then you may need to beware of the quality and value of purchasing them at a low cost,sure there are online wholesalers that will offer you a low price deal but are they giving you value for your money. The word cheap doesn't exactly resonate quality in most peoples ears but there are some glass spectacles on the market that meet consumer standards if you are willing to do a little research. Check in you local directory for places where you would find them. It doesn't necessary have to be from an optometrist, that word alone sounds expensive, in any case you never know until you check it out. Places like your local chemist or bargain stores can have what you looking for so scout around .The only thing I must say is that if your vision or site needs special specs and glasses than it would be most advisable to see your local optometrist in this case if it concerns the health of your site and vision it's best not to compromise price over quality.

Before you head down that road you should first consult a professional doctor ,to find out exactly the type of spectacles lenses you require for you specific needs. Your doctor will be able to give a honest opinion and should be able to specify the type of lens and what frame will be best. Depending on how serious your vision is, buying cheap spectacles could be out of the question and you may need to pay for a more expensive set of spectacles for the sake of better vision.

If you do buy them second hand then hear are a couple of things to look for , check the surface of the lenses for any flaws such as pits or striations that may be visible, or have someone else do it. Also make sure that the lenses are securely placed into the frame of the spectacles by running your index and thumb across the frame .

In any case i recommend you get a professional opinion before buying cheap spectacles it can mean compromising your vision for the sake of a few extra bucks, and i really don;t think it's worth it in the long run. If you choose to buy them at wholesale price make sure their a reputable and a qualified dealer or you can search for reviews on that site , or ask previous customers who have brought the same product. In any case it is not worth buying cheap spectacles if they are not going to improve your vision ,remember you only get quality and value for how much you are willing to pay.