I have heard people tell me that they are bored. I really have a hard time relating. Curious people are never bored. I have always been a curious one. If you choose to get curious you can eliminate boredom and unlock the beauties of life.

You must be willing to change. If you are happy watching the rerun on the boob tube for the fifth time and sitting there complaining that you are bored this article will not help you.

How do you change? Very simple! Get curious about things. Every one has something they can be curious about! Let's assume you are in the lunchroom and there is a guy there with greasy clothes looking at a printed circuit board. What questions could you ask yourself? How did he get grease on his pants? What kind of thing is that board out of? Why is he looking at that board? Does the board have a pulse width modulation circuit on it? If those kinds of questions just are not your bag you might ask yourself why does the boss like this man so much? Why does his wife write love notes on his sack lunch? Why has he never gotten a promotion?

While you are reading this article can you think of some questions about the man in the lunch room that I have not written here? I bet you can!

Next think about what I can learn from this question? How can this question benefit my life? Perhaps I would want to get my wife to write love notes on my lunch bag. How could I get her to do it? Am I doing any of the things he is doing to keep me from being promoted as well? Perhaps I would like to study pulse width modulation. Where would I go to learn about that? Would my boss like me more if I were willing to get greasy to fix something? Perhaps the man knows of detergent which cleans better than mine.

Take action on what you have seen and thought of. Keep asking yourself questions. You will quickly realize that the more you know the more you see that you don't know. You will also want to know even more!

Perhaps you will get the next promotion! Perhaps your marriage will get better notes on the lunch bag or not! You might even find a better laundry detergent at a better price.

Always enjoy life to the fullest. Never stop asking questions and learning.