James from the SheToldMe.com website has just created another website that is so new it doesn't have an alexa or google pagerank yet. The site has

  • 100% adsense revenue sharing
  • Referral program
  • Allows you to post links to your own website or blog or articles you have written on other sites.

This is still at the launch stage so it's too early to know if it will really take off but I feel it is worth a couple of articles at least to see if it grows and get in on the ground floor. There's no voting system (which for me is a good thing) and it is basically an article directory type site.

Articles are to be along the line of "tops" as in Top 3, Top 5, Top 10 up to a maximum of 20 and can be about anything. My first attempt was Top 6 Best Selling Michael Jackson Albums. You can have your site url displayed on your page too although I haven't done this yet as I still have not got a blog up and going, so those who like to get in on a site early had better sign up. The site can be joined via a referral.

It is a very easy site to register for and you need your adsense ID to enter in. I had no problems working out how to publish my article even though there is no learning hub yet. It felt good to be in the first 5 articles written for a site too! If it doesn't work out that's 15 minutes I will never get back.

As a special launching offer, James will give a full adsense display (all the ads are yours on the pages you create, no adsense sharing, for life) to the first 25 members who do the following:

  1. register and post at least one "top" to the site
  2. write an article on their blog/site (or hubpages, Infobarrel or anywhere where people will read it) with their referral link
  3. contact him with their username and the url where they posted their article about the new project.

I know most writers like to have a few different websites to write for as it 's not good to have all your eggs in one basket in case one folds. This could be a fun website to try as it should be fairly quick to produce articles for.

Why not take a look. It's called best-reviewer.com.