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Waterproof Binoculars and More

If someone on your shopping list has asked for binoculars for the holidays or for their next birthday, there are many models to choose from that are made by a wide variety of manufacturers. Many people enjoy owning them for bird watching, looking at the night sky, hunting or when attending concerts and other performances.  All of these activities are more enjoyable when you can get a detailed view.  Below you learn more about the amazing options that are available to you!

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Prices range from under $20 to as much as $400 dollars depending on the magnification, whether or not they are waterproof, if they are 3D and other features. Some popular choices for basic models include the Bushnell Powerview Compact Binocular, the Celestron SkyMaster, and Nikon Binoculars. Two other companies that sells great designs for hunters and bird watchers include Zeiss and Optics Planet. As you read on, you will discover that there are also some that are even more expensive, that include a camcorder in their devices.

You can see the full catalogs and price lists for many manufacturers by going to each of their websites, or look for their product line at your local sporting goods stores. A simpler choice is to look at the designs of several different manufacturers on Amazon. This makes it easy to comparison shop quickly and easily. For most people who are choosing binoculars, these high power traditional models will meet the your needs.

However, if someone you know wants a specialized pair for hunting or bird watching, you may want to consider giving them a pair of the new 3D Binoculars that are now on the market. These high-tech binoculars have many features that are unmatched by traditional designs, and they are certain to be a big hit in coming years.

Shown below are a couple of popular options in binoculars.  Since specs and models change frequently, I am also including this handy Amazon link to help you quickly find the more current models available:

Use this Amazon link to Binoculars ranging from $10 to $400.

3D Series by Carson

Carson has designed new 3D binoculars that have the clearest and brightest images possible. They have done this by using special technology to enhance the light-gathering capabilities of their 3D Series. These 3D models are perfect for hunters and bird watchers. They have a rubberized armor coating that makes them shock proof and rugged. They also are sealed to make them waterproof and fog proof. In addition, they have been designed to make them easier for people to use with eyeglasses. They are lightweight and ideal for someone who is going to be carrying them for long hikes outdoors. Of course, if you just want a pair of binoculars to grab so you can get a better view of that hawk sitting in the tree outside your window, they are handy for that, as well!

The Carson 3-D series comes in four models, including the 10x50mm TD-050, the 10x42mm TD-042, the 8-42mm TD-842 and the 8x32mm TD-832.

As an example, the TD-050 offers 10x magnification, weighs 26.9 ounces, and comes with a carrying case, shoulder harness, neck strap and a lens cloth.

Sony 3D Digital Binoculars that Record in HD

If you want a pair of really cool binoculars, and you are willing to pay a hefty price, Sony has come out with z digital design that can record what you see in HD. They also will take still images with amazing photographic quality. Since there are two lenses, you can record in 3D, using the same technology that is used in Sony's 3D digital camera.

There are two models of these digital binoculars. The DEV-3 sells for about $1400, and the DEV-5 sells for about $2000. The more expensive pair comes with built-in GPS geotagging and several extra accessories including a carrying case, neck strap, and a lens cover. One other difference between the two models may be important to some people: the DEV-3 has a 10x optical zoon, and the DEV-5 has a 20x digital zoom.

In some ways, these binoculars are more like a camcorder than traditional designs. However, they have some interesting features for researchers and serious game hunters or bird watchers.

Whether you are looking for a simple pair of traditional binoculars, or a more high-tech pair of 3D binoculars, they can make an ideal gift for yourself or someone on your shopping list.

Use this Amazon link to Binoculars ranging from $10 to $400.

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