The New Revolution in Books



Running out of places to store all your books? Then the Kindle is the perfect solution to your problem. With the no glare screen, it will make it more relaxing to read outside. Because, rather than making things stressful trying to find that perfect spot to read your book you will be able to relax anywhere. Also with the new and improved sleek design they have made it easier for readers to carry around their kindle wherever they go.  With the new design there is no more need carrying around that 5 pound book. Now it is only 8.5 ounces, and weighs less than a paperback. Also did I mention that it carries more than just one book? The new improved Kindle can store up to more than 3,500 books with its double storage feature. They are not restrictions to the Kindle with its ability to please all of its buyers. Whether it is for an adult or a child it will never cease to amaze.

No Glare Screen

When the beautiful weather comes out you don’t want to miss just because it’s too sunny. With the no glare screen on the Kindle even the sunniest of days make the Kindle shine to perfection. The no glare screen is unlike any LCD screen, the Kindles screen reads like real paper with no glare to make the reading experience more enjoyable for everyone in the family. The Kindle is also equipped with the new improved E Ink Pearl Display which will give you the read of your life. The E Ink Peal Display makes it so much easier to read with its 50% better contrast, which means there is no more need for those reading glasses with the kindle. It has the clearest and sharpest images, so no more need to guess at what that word is that is faded out in your old book. Books that you would normally not want to read are now sucking you in. If you were not a reader before the Kindle, you will be after.

Your Entire Library At Your Finger Tips

Moving to a new house can be stressful enough as it is. You don’t want to be worrying about where you are going to put all of your nasty old books. With the Kindle there is no need for that with its double storage feature which can hold more books than you probably have. Having all you books in one place makes life so much easier. There’s no more need to look all around for that specific book that you have wanted to share with your book club. With just a touch of a button you can view all of your books and get right to reading.  For all of you book readers who go to the library there is no more need for that. With the Kindle you can shop and download a book in less than 60 seconds! Wouldn’t you rather do that then take 30 minutes to an hour going to your local book store and having someone help you find that book?

Extra Features

Carrying many books can be so inconvenient for avid readers. That is why the Kindle has been equipped to handle all of your favorite novels. If you want, it is possible with just a click of a button. The Kindle’s new Web kit-based Browser makes it easier for you to browse the web over Wi-Fi. So when you hear your friends talking about this great, new, amazing book that just came out, you won’t need to go home and find it. If you have your Kindle with you you can do it right there and then. Another feature that readers love with the Kindle is that unlike most other electronic reading devices the Kindle only needs to be charged once every month! So when you in the car or on the plane you will always know your Kindle will never fail you. Having an electronic device that will not fail use is a lifesaver for most people who are not very good with electronics. With its easy to use directions, and features all you need is the ability to press a button. So press away all you want the Kindle will blow your reading mind!

Exceptional Price

With all of these features it makes the Kindle a steal for just the low price of 140 dollars. If you really think about it every book you buy usually will cost you about 20-30 dollars. So to see that the Kindle only costs as much as 7 books is an eye opener to most people. Especially since the Kindle can hold more than 500 times that many books. That’s like having your own personal library in your own home. With all of these features like the new, sleek design which will make it easier for you to carry it around. Carrying the Kindle is around like breathing, it is almost effortless. Also with the no glare screen and the double storage makes the Kindle the hottest thing on With the New York Times calling the Kindle one the #1 best selling items it’s hard to compete with it, which is sending the competition further and further behind them. The Kindle is not looking back though with making new improvements which are making it smaller, faster and lighter. With the Kindle already so far in the lead these new improvements will put the Kindle in the untouchable category of electronics. Books are the past the Kindle is the future of reading. Soon schools with make a requirement to have a Kindle, they are just that useful to the avid reader.


So next time you think about picking up your book, how you reconsider about what you were just about to do. What you should do is pick up your kindle instead and enjoy the greatest read you will ever experience. So all I have to say is put down the glasses, get rid of the books and go outside to enjoy one of the world’s greatest groundbreaking new electronics every made.