If you are one of the multitude of people who are not keen on packing on the years and manifesting it on your skin then you are what I call one of the anti-aging warriors. You are certainly not alone in this fight and you should not despair.

We all know that the fight against the forces of father time will eventually be lost for all of us but still the desire to keep its effects at bay for as long as we is perhaps something that is written in our genetic make-up. We, after all, have that desire to live longer and to attain beauty in everything we do deeply ingrained into our consciousness.

The battle against skin wrinkles has been raging for quite a while now. There are many methods and products out there that has been in the market for decades now, maybe even longer. While many of them do have some positive effects, there are more that out there that are just plainly bogus.

Examples of such products and methods are:

Facial masks derived from fruits or actual fruits used as facial masks have no scientific basis to give us any evidence that it works against skin aging or wrinkles. Rubbing fruit on your face should produce some exfoliating action but nothing more.

Furthermore, vitamin E based anti wrinkle skin creams are some of the most pushed products out there that manufacturers claim to be one of the best anti skin aging treatments out there. But again, this falls short of scientific support. In fact, clinical studies are showing that instead of giving us positive results, vitamin E creams appear to entail a significant risk of resulting in a allergic reaction.

Other weird methods as exercising your facial muscles and applying some sort of mild electrocution therapy have been suggested but there are also still no strong practical evidence of the effectiveness of these methods. Electrocuting facial muscles appear to have some promise but this is still being evaluated.

What works then?

In searching for the best treatment it is worth looking into the new anti aging treatments that are coming out. Right now, your best chance of winning your war on wrinkles appear to rest on products that contain tretinoin or it's milder cousin retinol. Tretinoin is a prescription drug and is only dispensed through the direction of licensed dermatologists but that it is the treatment course that is showing a lot of promise. It is a regulated drug and has undergone a lot of testing and scientific studies.

Other products that should be worth your time and money are those that are based on vitamin C. New products based on peptides are also showing promise as it has been shown to promoted the production of collagen.

Of course, when it comes to skin wrinkles the best course of action is still, without argument, prevention. Protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun, along with good diet and enough sleep, is perhaps the best measure you can take to keep your skin younger looking for as long as humanly possible.