Picking out a new baby gift can be hard because you want to pick out a gift that will last years and that the parents will remember you gave. Especially if you will be close to this child throughout their life, you will want them to be able to look back and be able to say for example, “My Aunt Jenny and Uncle Tom gave me this”. For this reason, I lean towards personalized new baby gifts, but I have come up with a list of all kinds of ideas. And probably the amount you will want to spend depends on how close you are to the family. 

 New Baby Gifts

  1. new baby gift baby blanket(62781)Baby Blanket: A baby blanket is a perfect new baby gift, and it can be embroidered. You could embroider it with just the baby’s name, or you could do the baby’s name and sign it with your own name.


  2. Picture Frame: You could get the new baby a picture framenew baby gift picture frame for some of their pictures. You could also engrave the frame so it will be personalized.


  3. Baby’s First Ornament: You could get the new baby a Christmas ornament. Many baby’s have “First Christmas” ornaments. Getting a Christmas new baby gift christmas ornamentornament is a less expensive gift option.


  4. Money for Savings Account: If you aren’t that close to the new baby’s parents or to the family, you could simply give the child money. The parents will probably choose to put the money in a savings account for the child—one that they will possibly use for college when they are older.new baby gift piggy bank


  5. Piggy Bank:  You could get the new baby a piggy bank as a gift. You could add some money to the piggy bank—“Baby’s First Savings”. There are personalized piggy banks as well as generic ones. 


  6. Baby Gift Baskets: There are tons of gift baskets perfect for a new baby gift. You could make one yourself, or buy one already made. Amazon has a great selection of gift baskets. Some of them have new baby products and supplies; others have toys and stuffed animals. Making or finding a good baby gift basket is a great gift that any new parent can enjoy.


  7. Amazon’s Most Wished for Baby Gift List: Amazon’s most wished for baby gift list is a great place to look for a great new baby gift. These are items that parents put on Baby registries that they wanted. The top 10 list is constantly updated so it’s a pretty good place to look to know what is a great gift “now” since trends are always changing. There are gifts of all different prices on this list!


  8. new baby gift onesieBaby Clothes: You can get the new baby an outfit or two. If you don’t know the gender yet, you can always get onesies that are unisex. A good place to look to save money on gifts is by shopping flash sale sites. And children's flash sale sites, Zulilly or MyHabit frequently have baby clothes and gifts on sale.


  I hope this list helps you find the perfect new baby gift! You might want to check out ways to save money on gifts.