I've written a ton of different articles about different New Balance shoes. Most of these have been of the walking or running variety. They also have a few different trail shoes that I looked at. One thing that hasn't been written about much is their extensive line of sport shoes. While they don't quite do the volume that Nike and Reebok of the world do, New Balance still makes very high quality shoes for a ton of different sports. One such shoe is the 1275. It's a golf shoe and holds up well against many of it's competitors. In the following text, we'll look at the different features of this relatively new shoe.

When you're looking for a golf shoe, aesthetics are very important. This isn't necessarily the case with running shoes or walking shoes. Who really cares what you look like when you're running down the street? The golf course is a different place though. Being polite and classy is a must. Luckily, the New Balance 1275 golf shoes have a great look to them. They're traditional, yet modern. The best part about these shoes, though, is the fact that they have many of the same technological innovations that you'll find on New Balance's high end running shoes. This way, you get the look of a golf shoe, but the comfort of a runner.

Of all the features that you'll find in the NB 1275 mens and womens shoes, the ABZORB cushioning is probably the nicest one. If you've ever walked an entire golf course before, you know how tough it can be on your feet. It's crucial that the shoe you choose has sufficient padding and support for the sole of your foot. Because of this, New Balance included their patented EVA foam mid sole that helps to keep you walking on air!

There are also a few features on this shoe that you won't find on any other New Balance product. One such feature is the Poliyou Antibacterial Inserts. As I mentioned above, being classy is a huge part of golf. It's important that you don't stink! Unfortunately, it's often the feet that get smelly after a few holes. The inserts found in these shoes do a good job of killing bacteria and that rotten smell! The 1275's are also equipped with Dri-Lex sweat control and DryWorks waterproof material. For those of you that live in wet climates, this is a must have.

All in all, I think the New Balance 1275 golf shoes are as good as any on the market. If golf isn't your thing and you just want to walk or run, check out my other reviews of the NB 1122 and the NB 805. Cheers!