New Balance makes a ton of different running shoes. The cool thing about their models, though, is that they are all designed for different types of runners. They have shoes that are meant for people that run on trails or in the back road, for example. They also make a great pair of running shoes for folks with wide feet. So what about the New Balance 1221's? Who are they made for? Well, these are about as basic as running shoes get. If you're looking for a no-nonsense runner, look no further than this beauty.

Now don't get me wrong. Just because they're basic, doesn't mean that the New Balance 1221 women's and men's shoes aren't good. Just the opposite is true, in fact. The lack of bells and whistles actually makes this shoe quite refreshing. In this industry, there are so many companies that are always hammering home the fact that their newest shoe is all kinds of modern. It's nice to get back to basics once in a while!

That said, this shoe does have a few features that are common to a lot of New Balance runners. One such feature is the ABZORB SBS system. This feature is essentially a super light piece of foam that cushions both the heel and the forefoot. You'll also find that the NB 1221's feel really smooth when you run. This is because of what New Balance likes to call the TS2 Transitional Support System. Now, don't let the fancy name scare you off! This feature is basically an extra bit of support that sits on both the toe and the heel. What this does is allow a smooth transition from the toe to the heel while running.

At the end of the day, though, does the technology in a shoe really matter? In this writer's opinion - No! Good shoes are good shoes and the NB 1221's work for me. They're comfortable, supportive and very durable. In fact, many heavy people like this shoe for it's rugged design and resistance to breakage and cracking. If you're looking for something fancy with a pump in the tongue or air in sole, this shoe probably isn't for you. If you want a solid runner that does everything it needs to do and bit more, however, do yourself a favor and check these bad boys out!

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