Looking at the the New Balance website can be quite overwhelming. They just have so many different types of shoes! Once you kind of figure it out, though, it's not really that bad. The variety that this company offers is actually one of my favorite things about them. Their running and walking shoes are specifically designed for different types of people. The shoe we're talking about today, for example, has been engineered by New Balance for heavy runners. Now, heavy can mean one of two things or a combination of both. Either the runner is physically heavy, weighing over 230 pounds or the runner just has a hard stride. If you fall into one these categories, read on.

The New Balance 587 offers many different features that make it ideal for heavy runners. One such feature is this company's ABZORB technology. Without getting into too much detail, this is basically a shock absorbing type system that takes some of the impact off the step. This is understandably, a great thing, for someone with a really heavy stride. Another feature that you'll find on these shoes is a graphite ROLLBAR. This is also great for bigger men and women. You see, heavier folks tend to roll their ankles more often than lighter ones. The ROLLBAR technology, found on these runners, helps to prevent injuries of this nature. The NB 587 womans and mens running shoes also come standard with the ENCAP mid sole. This is found in the heel and basically provides an extra cushion between the hard ground and the sensitive bottom of your foot.

While this shoe isn't perfect, it definitely does what it is supposed to. It's very comfortable and even works well for people with flat feet. This is a big advantage because bigger folks with flat feet often have a hard time finding the right running shoe. These shoes are also extremely light! This surprised me a bit. I thought a shoe that was essentially built to take a heavy runner or a hard step would have to be a bit on the heavy side. This isn't the case here folks. The New Balance 587 is a very light runner.

Now there are a few things I don't particularly care for on this shoe. The first is the look. Most people agree that the NB 587 is uglier than a bag hammers. The price is also of mild concern as these shoes can be a bit expensive.

If you don't think the 587 is for you, check out some other New Balance shoes like the NB 801 or the NB 1221.