New Balance has long been known making some of the best running and walking shoes in the world. It makes sense then, that as the sport of trail running grows, New Balance is leading the way with a lot of innovative new shoes. One such shoe is the New Balance 620. It's specifically designed for off road purposes and includes a bunch of different features great for the trail. In this article, we'll go over these features and how they benefit the off road runner.

First off, the NB 620 is tough. This is, naturally, one of the things that a trail running shoe has to be. Shoes take a ton of abuse when they're used in off road situations. All the rocks, stumps and mud that they are exposed to could quickly destroy even the toughest road running shoe. So what makes this shoe so great for the trail? Well, one feature that's crucial to a decent all terrain shoe is the traction. You're a lot more likely to lose your grip while running on a trail. Because of this, it's very important that the bottom of the shoe you choose grips the earth with some serious authority. The New Balance 620 features an all terrain tread engineered specifically for trail use.

Another thing that a good cross trainer should have is comfort. While running on roads, your feet don't really take a ton of abuse. In the back country, however, this definitely isn't the case. If you don't have a proper shoe, the rougher terrain is really going to cause your feet some pain. The NB 620's men's and women's shoes both feature a few bits of technology that help to keep the runner supported and comfortable. One such feature is the N-FUZE foam in the sole of the shoe. This is a super lightweight layer of foam that keeps your feet protected from the rough earth below. You'll also find the I-MEVA mid sole support system. This prevents injuries to ankle that are so common among trail runners.

All in all, this is one of the best trail shoes money can buy. It's comfortable, durable and long lasting. The one thing I don't particularly like about it is the look. Luckily, looks aren't that important more me. If you are a function first man or woman looking for a good cross training/trail running shoe, look no further than the NB 620.

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