New Balance 769 Running Shoe


great impact protection


fit like a glove and I have absolutely no pain afterwards


Not a fan of the colors

no other cons, this is a great shoe

Full Review

I have walked for years, for exercise, curiosity and to relieve stress, but decided last year that I would like to venture into the world of running or jogging, or in my case "wogging" which is running between hydro poles then walking fast for the next one, to increase my cardio exercise!

I decided that my walking shoes were not going to work well for this, and having a degenerative disk in my lower back, I knew I had to be careful. When I tried jogging with my typical running shoes, my feet, shins and lower back would feel stiff the next day.

I decided it was time to treat myself to a decent pair of running shoes. I headed to a good sports store, and let them help me choose running shoes. She asked me a lot about my running habits, and laughed when I told her about my wogging. I was trying on other brands, and they were just not feeling right. She suggested a good running shoe, as you can walk in running shoes, but you can't run in walking shoes which made sense. This way I did not have to have a pair for walking and running.

She suggested the New Balance 769.

I tried them on, and not a fan of the colors and spacey styling, but as soon as I started to move around, I knew they were the shoes for me! These New Balance 769 running shoes, became "one" with my foot, and fit like a glove, especially in the instep. I took them home and tried them and discovered that right away, nothing hurt the next day. Before I would have shin pain, not with these New Balance 769 running shoes. I was hooked!

I have had them a year now, and I run about 3 times a week. Not once have I had back problems, and not one blister, they cushion the impact and I feel great. I am not a lightweight, so I have to have great impact protection. But I can also walk well in these for when I choose to walk down some hiking paths. These are great running shoes for me.

I will replace them when the time comes with the exact New Balance 769 that I had before, and I know I have found my running shoe.

I totally recommend these New Balance running shoes, especially for anyone with back issues who would still like to get out there and do a bit of jogging, running or wogging as I do!. My chiropractor was happy that I had found a shoe that did not aggravate my back condition, so therefore I was getting lots of cardio exercise.

They come in different colors, and are very lightweight. I can take them anywhere, and I don't seem to be wearing them out! I am not a long distance jogger or runner, but I do get around, that could be why I have not worn them out yet, but right now they still fit like a glove and I have not had one single shin or instep pain like I would get before with regular running shoes.

New Balance 769 is the style for me.

In Closing

I have tried on many running shoes that promise the world, but so far this one has delivered for me. The New Balance 769 Running Shoe is the best for me.