Most of the New Balance shoes that I've reviewed thus far have been for the "everyday" kind of athlete. You know what I mean... Men and women who are just looking to shed a few pounds after a massive Christmas time feast or something. Now while a lot of this company's shoes are marketed towards this group, they do have some shoes for more serious athletes as well. One such shoe is the New Balance 805. This from New Balance's "Speed" collection and is designed to take on very intense sprints and drills. There are a number of different features that make this unique. We'll go over them in full in the following article.

Now, New Balance is known throughout the shoe industry for their many technological innovations. The NB 805's have 3 really cool feature that make this shoe stand out from the crowd. In the heel of the shoe, you'll find Ndurance rubber. This synthetic material is very light and also helps to soften the impact of the heel. Doing repetitive sprint drills can really take it's toll on the foot. It's important that you have something to make the impact soft and less painful. The mid sole of this shoe is also engineered for the serious athlete. It's equipped with a great gripping surface as well as Acteva light. The third bit of technology in the New Balance 805 can be found on the fore foot. Here you'll see that there is actually extra grip. This is great for takeoffs and start-stop type drills.

On top of the three different features mentioned above, the New Balance 805's also come standard with many other NB features. One of these is the ABZORB shock absorbing system. This works well to make a heavy footed runner feel like they're running on air. You'll also find that the 805's dry fairly quickly. This is due to the fact that these shoes sport New Balance's Lighting Dry technology. The final feature that I'll mention in this article is one called Sure Lace. If you've ever had shoe laces come undone while you're running, you know how much it can disrupt your workout. Well, New Balance ensures that this won't be a problem with the 805's. The Sure Lace technology makes it almost impossible for your shoes to come untied.

All in all, these are great shoes. They're not for everyone though... If your looking for high-performance running shoe with all the bells and whistles, look no further than the New Balance 805.

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