One complaint that you often hear from people with wide feet is the fact that there are no good walking shoes on the market. Well, thanks to New Balance, that's no longer the case. Known all over the world for their walking and running shoes, New Balance brings a few really unique things to the table. First off, all their products are made in America. Without saying too much, compare this to another shoe company like, oh I don't know... Nike. New Balance also chooses to spend their money on researching new technologies and improving their shoes. This is probably why you don't see any big name athletes wearing New Balance. Would you wear a NB shoe if Nike offered you a million dollars to wear theirs instead?

This article is all about the New Balance 925 walking shoes for men and women. The coolest thing about this shoe is the fact that it's available in different widths. So whether you have a very narrow foot or an extra wide foot, there's a 925 that fits you. Some people with flat feet or other health issues also find that wider is better. The 925 features a leather upper that makes this shoe very versatile. Not only is it good for walking and exercise; it could also be worn in a casual fashion. Some of the technology that you'll find in these shoes include New Balance's patented ABZORB SBS and Walking Strike Path features. The former helps with shock absorbing and the latter actually encourage good walking habits. The C-CAP mid sole support is also standard on the NB 925. It's basically an extra piece of foam that sits below the bottom of the foot for extra support and cushioning.

So are the New Balance 925's the best walking shoe available? Well, that's a tough call. On the one hand, they're light, comfortable and very supportive. On the other hand, though, they do have a few flaws that I think New Balance should address. First of all, these shoes are kind of bland looking. Let's see some more flash on next years model. There is also a lack of air holes on this particular shoe. While this usually doesn't matter, it could pose a few problems for people in warm climates. Some runners from Florida and California have claimed that these shoes can get quite hot in the summer.

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