New Balance is on of the most recognized brand names in the sporting world now. While they do make a whole line of sporting good products, their bread and butter is still in their many different types of shoes. Before we get into the New Balance 991 running shoes and why you should consider trying them on, here's a quick overview of this wonderful company. New Balance is based in Boston and has been manufacturing shoes for over 100 years now. One thing that separates this company from other shoe makers like Nike is the the fact that all their shoes are made in the USA. This is really unique in an industry that is notorious for outsourcing labor. Aside from the parent "New Balance" line, there is a few other sub lines that they own. A few of the more popular ones are Dunham, Warrior and Brine. One thing that all of these lines have in common is their dedication to the everyday athlete. New Balance doesn't make shoes for Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. They make shoes for regular dudes like me and you.

Anyways... Onto the New Balance 991 overview. These shoes are great. They're essentially a light weight, mid cut running shoe that is designed specifically for speed and traction. I find that the mid cuts are the best for this. Low cuts don't provide enough ankle supports and high cuts make me look like I'm in grade 7 again... These shoes find a nice place in between these two extremes. The fact that they are so light is also a bonus. Even when wet, the 991's remain comfy and don't get bogged down with water weight. This is probably due to what New Balance likes to call their "lightning dry technology". Another unique feature found in this running shoe is the "stability web". This is basically an extra bit of material running up the side of the shoe, parallel with the heel, that offers extra support for the ankle and lower leg. Many reviews on Internet mention that the 991's have reduced leg pain for a lot of runners. That said, you don't have to be a runner to benefit from the support of these sneakers. If you spend a lot of time standing around, maybe at trade shows or on the street, you know how sore your body can get if you don't have a decent pair of shoes. If this is the case, try on the 991's. You won't be disappointed.

New Balance makes the 991's for both men and women. If you're interested in buying these shoes, I recommend doing so online. There are a ton of good deals to be had on the Internet these days. Check out a few sites before making a decision though. You want to make sure that you get the cheapest possible price. Good luck and happy running!

If you don't think the New Balance 991 Series are for you, maybe the New Balance 811 walking shoes are more up your alley!