New Balance M574 Classic Shoe

The New Balance M574 is a true classic in the New Balance line-up. The M574 has been around for many years. When the M574 was first released it was considered a cutting edge shoe, yet today it looks very dated. The New Balance M574 looks like a shoe an old person would wear when mall walking. In fact, the M574 is an old person’s shoe.

Many of today’s elderly people use to wear the M574. This iconic shoe proved to be so comfortable that they continued to wear the shoe. The senior citizens may no longer be running marathons, but the M574 is just as comfortable when you are walking around the block.

You do not have to be old to enjoy the benefits of the M574. The Nike Air Pegasus has been around for many years and Nike updates the Pegasus model each year. Nike has a hardcore following of people who consistently but a pair or two of the Air Pegasus each year. New Balance has also built a loyal following around the M574, but they do not update it each year. Very little has changed since the beginning of the M574. The shoes biggest fans would be aghast if New Balance made any major changes to this model. New Balance has some new and cutting edge designs released each year, but the M574 is simply a classic shoe that is adored and wore by many people.

The simplicity in the M574 is only offset by the variety of colors and sizes available. If you have a huge foot such as a 15, 16, or 17 then the M574 is a great shoe as it will tend to offer you more variety then other shoe models when you order your huge size online. If you got a wide foot then New Balance once again has you covered with a multitude of widths you can choose from.

This shoe was originally designed as a running shoe. Technology changes and no longer is the New Balance M574 considered a shoe that is designed for running and training. The M574 has evolved into more of a walking shoe/casual shoe. The M574 will rarely be seen sprinting in a marathon race, but it can be seen in most any town walking around casually.

The New Balance M574 is made in a whole slew of various colors. If you want a simple colored shoe or a more brightly hued shoe the M574 will have you covered. The M574 is a classic running style shoe from New Balance that has a true “old school” look to it. The shoe is extremely popular among older people, but if you are a young buck who is taller than Abe Lincoln and carry a foot that rivals Shaq’s then the M574 may be one of the only few shoes you can order in the color you desire.

The New Balance M574 is a true friend that you can consistently rely on each year. When you need a new pair you can always buy a new pair of M574. This is one of those Iconic shoes that will be around until the end of time.