As women seek help with perfecting their body tone, many choose footwear which promises a greater degree of toning than standard shoes, which can also help to burn off more calories. Every little bit counts in the fight against the flab, and the latest offering from New Balance promises both of these important features. However what sets New Balance True Balance shoes aside from the myriad of other toning shoes on the market is the design, which looks nothing like the toning shoes currently on the market, instead being indistinguishable from normal New Balance trainers.

New Balance True Balance toning shoes were only released this month in the USA, so it is a little too early to tell how effective the shoes actually are with no user reviews currently in. Toning shoes are not a short term solution to rapid toning and weight loss, instead demonstrating their effects over a few weeks to a few months. As such, it will take a while or an accurate picture of their effects to come to light. In the meantime consumers have to rely on the New Balance trials, which have demonstrated that the shoes can increase toning by up to 29% more than standard walking shoes, and can help to get up to 10% more calories burnt off.

True Balance Toning shoes

Only time will tell how effective the shoes prove to be at toning, however with New Balance True Balance, there is one advantage which other toning shoes makers have yet to fully exploit. The toning shoes are highly stylish, and function perfectly well as trainers in their own right. The styles are such that many women are expected to try out the shoes to see if the toning and weight loss statistics turn out to be correct, safe in the knowledge that the shoes are trendy and highly comfortable. The opportunity to hedge ones bets means that if they do not turn out to be particularly effective at toning, they are still excellent trainers in their own right, offering a win win situation.

The shoes owe their toning and weight loss properties to a brand new design. Rather than use the rocker sole or instability pod, New Balance have developed their own technology, which maintains comfort at all times, is safe for a full range of activities, and is above all else, highly comfortable. Inspired by the balance board, the shoes utilise the same constant muscle adjustments to improve tone, as the body works harder to maintain balance. The shoes feature a slightly rounded sole, an innovative spring system and a soft and flexible midsole, which all combine to put the body slightly off balance. As the body works to correct the balance, the muscles work harder and are activated for longer.

New Balance True balance styles

The shoes are sure to be big sellers, being excellent shoes in their own right, and if their weight loss and toning properties live up to the claims, it is easy to see New Balance True Balance shoes rise to the top of the bestselling toning shoes charts.