Basement room ideas can really go in all different kinds of directions. This is an opportunity to really maximize your home. Often times basements are forgotten rooms that you tend to stay away from. Instead, you can just find different ways to make it more warm and inviting and also have a specific purpose.

One thing that you can try out is to go with kind of a divided floor plan. You can do this with screens or actual walls. This gives you the chance to section off the space for a guest room, office, or just hide away an unsightly laundry area. If you don't know what purpose your basement should serve then really sit down and write out every single need that you have and how you can make it all work together. This can still be a cohesive design and it can still be an open floor plan but you can just find different ways to make use of a lot of functions at once.

This is also a very popular area to put a game room. You could try going with a sports bar feeling with stained glass lighting, wood paneling, and game tables such as pool tables and even an air hockey table. Make sure that it is age appropriate for all different family members that will be using it. You can also get a game table that has several different types on it so that you can switch it out. These are inexpensive and easy to move around, and also allow you to get a defined purpose that most other people aren't going to have in their homes.

You can also give this a home theater kind of feeling. This room should be very simple so that it focuses on the screen. This is also one of the few interior design styles where it's ok to get a larger screen TV so it can be the perfect solution if you like your technology. You may want to go with a monochromatic color palette with the same carpet, furniture, and paint colors on the walls. Of course this could be beige, but you can also really change it up with different grays, browns, blues, and greens. This room should be pretty soothing just because you don't want to draw the focus away from the movies. You can always add in your favorite memorabilia or old movie posters to really get the theme across but in a much more sophisticated way.

Oftentimes these are kind of forgotten rooms. You can have a totally beautiful home and then you may have an unfinished room lurking underneath. This is really a chance to bring in the same feeling into the space as the rest of your house and just use it on a smaller scale to create a cohesive kind of design style. This could just mean that you put in crown molding to match the architectural details of the rest of the house. You can also really experiment with your ceilings. If you have a drop ceiling, you might want to mix it up with a higher-quality tile. These will keep it from looking too cheesy and dated. If you don't want to replace the entire ceiling then just try replacing the stained areas. This is going to really freshen things up and be quite beautiful.

Another really great idea is you could do the exact opposite. This room is away from the rest of the house so you can really experiment with a lot of bold colors and usually basements can have the expectation of being fun and lively so you can try out a lot of fun yellows or blues. If it's a playroom then you can even paint whimsical murals on the walls but still bring in all different kinds of colors. Consider it an opportunity to really experiment and finally get that theme room that you've been craving. Often times these rooms are pretty daring so you might not want them in your main living spaces. By just moving them downstairs it can really make it work. It can be different than the traditional dark and dingy basement, but it's also still going to have a very cohesive sense of design.

One of the challenges that you're going to face in a basement is just the lack of light. If you are designing this yourself then be very careful when you start from scratch. You may want to add in more windows or French doors even though they are more expensive. This will make your room feel a lot more accessible, open and friendly. Sunlight is something that is very important in whatever form you can get it in. You probably want to go with minimal window treatments or at least something that will open all the way to let in the maximum amount of light and still give you the privacy that you need at other times of the day.

There are also a lot of different design directions that you can take this theme. You could go with a retro or vintage kind of feel with deep colors, dark woods, and rich leather sofa. This is also perfect if you want to incorporate a bar area because it can be more sophisticated and elegant. Plus, it's a gender neutral kind of space. This can be an adult hang out. This could mean that you really do need to go for quality and color. Otherwise it's going to look cheesy and cheap.

Going with a feminine look might not be your first choice just because it's so out-of-the-box for this kind of dark area. However, you can just have a lot of fun and bring in your favorite pastel colors against bright white walls for a modern and contemporary kind of feeling. You may want to bring in artwork or up lights or anything that has extra shine on it. Even foil is going to reflect the light beautifully back into the area and this is very popular with a lot of Asian design furniture. Even if you just went with simple laminate pieces then you can experiment with color just because they're so inexpensive and easy to find. This is definitely a totally different take than a traditional cheesy wood grain. However it does give you a chance to get a soft feeling in the space that will really brighten things up and also seem quite feminine.