Newbie bloggers that are coming to the blogging platform need direction and a plan of action to achieve success. One of the first things that is included in your blogging plan of action is posting. To find success with a new blog, a new blogger must post more often for a number of great reasons.

Posting is relaying your content information to your readers. Posts are designed around a blog niche and the more you post within your niche the better you blog will be.

Creating blog posts doesn’t mean you are creating a lot of dribble or irrelevant content for your blog. These are in-depth and informative pieces of content that are useful for your readers. However, instead of sharing with your readers a post every couple of weeks, pick up the pace and dedicate your resources to increasing the number of posts for your blog for these reasons;

1)      Work on keywords with more blog posts

Keywords and phrases are extremely important for any blog niche. Keywords are the bread and butter for each article or post created. The more blog posts you write the more keywords are found in your blog content. The more keywords and phrases you have the more likely search engines are to have your blog results shown in a readers query for content.

2)      Work to improve SEO with more blog posts

Search engine optimization is important for getting your content in front of readers and your target audience. The more posts you create the better you will become at search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is not a tried and true skill set. It is a combination of different factors that are employed each time you write a different piece of content.

Through analytics and reviewing your blog posts numbers, ratios and feedback you can understand what works for SEO with your blog posts and what doesn’t. You have the ability to tweak content and get the best search engine optimization possible. Writing a couple of blog posts here and there doesn’t provide the numbers needed for evaluation of a blog. However, the most posts you have the more analytical information available to you with ways how to make your blog better.

3)      Work on page rank with more posts

Page rank is increased with search engines with terrific content. Quality posts chocked full of great information will be crawled by search engine bots and increase your page rank. other things that you can do to increase your page rank is have great back links within your posts to relevant information as well as links into your blog posts from great content from other sites. Sites with a higher page rank than you blog are best. However, even blogs with the same page rank can benefit your blog.

4)      Work on improving your writing skills with more blog posts

The more you write the better writer you will become. Therefore, the more blog posts you fashion for your blog the better. The more you write the better you will become at it. The more you write the more useful and unique content you can create. Ideas and concepts for your niche will come to you to relay in better blogging posts with the more blogging posts you create.

Creating content will improve your writing skills all around. You will improve your grammar and spelling in addition to your formatting for written content. Posting even aids in editing skills. Improving these skills will help you fashion better content for future posts which will only improve your blog in the long run.

5)      Build credibility and expertise in your field

Quality content produced for a blog around your niche posted continually will build credibility and ability for your field or subject.

Make the posts that you share full of great information that readers can use time and time again to show you are an expert and credible for content shared in your field.

6)      Build an audience with more posts

As you tweak and hone your skills with search engine optimization and keywords and phrases you will gain page rank and bring more traffic to your blog. As you bring more traffic to your blog with quality content you will build an audience. Your audience is defined by how much quality relevant content you create for your blog. The more you have on your blog the more readers you will gain and the bigger an audience you will produce

Posting is extremely important for a number of reasons. More posting reasons are ways to make your blog better.