Having a Cricut Cake Machine in your arsenal is not only practical but it will enable you to make cakes that are beyond a doubt personal. Buying cakes from the store or having to design cakes using the same expensive templates over and over again keeps you from making or buying a cake that's original with touches that relate to people's personal lives.

Making an artistic cake takes skills that take years to perfect. Some of us, no matter how hard we work at it will never have that flair to make a cake go from cute to beautiful. Using the Cricut Cake Machine is easy and takes only a little time to master saving so much on not only time but materials.

The machine uses cartridges that you use to program what you want and the machine cuts it for you. For different themes you'll use a different cartridge or you can mix and match. The cartridge that comes with the machine allows you to make letters and words using different fonts and flair to the words such as font shadows and base shadow blackout. Other cartridges enable you to use a huge variety of shapes that you might need for creating wedding cakes or cakes with animals, themes based on travel or people. Other cartridges use licensed characters. These are great for little kids or adult kids who enjoy characters like Superman, Sponge Bob, Elmo or popular Disney characters.

Seasonal cakes are a must and Cricut Cake Machine has cartridges to go with all the holidays. Christmas and Easter of course but also Valentines day and Mother's day.

The Cricut is a machine that you can use forever and has only a few parts that will wear out. The Cricut Cake Machinecutting blades will need to be replaced from time to time but let's face it, you're cutting gum paste so these items will take quite some time before they need replacing. Other items you'll need are cutting mats. These come in two sizes; 12 x 24 and 12 x 12.

When you design a cake, a little imagination can go a long way. Take a look at the cartridges you have. There's no rule that says you can only use one per cake. Use a character from one, a font from another and a design from yet another. You can use your cut items in 3-d as well. The cake will be a little more delicate but it will be a stand out cake from all the others you've seen in the past.

Being able to use your creativity and skills with not just your scrapbooks but your cakes too is so much fun. It's something you can share with the people in your life who aren't the crafty types. Anyone can appreciate a well decorated cake especially if it's made with them in mind.

The real stand out about this machine is that professionals use it too. In the past they would use custom made templates for what they couldn't do free hand. Anything custom costs a fortune and now they can pass savings on to their customers. If you're that professional cake decorator your customers will definitely come back for more cakes because of the practical price and the fantastic cake. If you're not a professional people will think you are if you're using the Cricut Cake Machine.