There are several new denture care tips that can help to preserve the aesthetics and the integrity of your dentures. Keeping your mouth properly cleaned during the initial phases of adjusting to your dentures is vital. As your mouth grows accustomed to your new teeth and a new manner of chewing and speaking as well, it is likely to develop many sore and vulnerable areas. This time is rarely ever an easy one. However, with proper diligence and regular denture care, you can enjoy a clean, healthy mouth.

Cleaning The Inside Of Your Mouth

You will need to practice much the same manner of oral care as you did before you got your teeth. This is one of the many new denture care tips that people most often forget about. Although your natural tooth structures are no longer in place, your mouth is still susceptible to odors and harmful bacteria. Thus, you should routinely cleanse your tongue and your cheeks as well as the rest of the mouth interior.

Denture Cleaning Solutions

You will also need to purchase a special denture cleaning solution. Many individuals opt to cleanse their dentures using a regular soap such as hand soap or dishwashing detergent. These will not harm the dentures, however, soap residues are not good to have in your mouth or your body. Thus, a good denture cleaning paste is best. This is less abrasive to the denture structures than regular toothpaste will be and is usually available for about the same price. It is also much easier to rinse off than harsh detergents are. You should never use bleach to clean artificial teeth for fear of bleaching the color out of the plastic gum portion of the denture structure. This will create a very unnatural look to your smile and can make the emotional aspects of the initial adjustment phase far more difficult.

Using Ultrasonic Cleansers

If you do not mind spending additional money for the maintenance and care of your dentures, you can purchase an ultrasonic denture cleaner. This is a small unit that you fill with a denture cleaning solution. Ultrasonic waves are used to gently lift food and grime away from the artificial teeth, leaving them clean and fresh. Otherwise, you can use a quality denture cleaning paste to gently brush the dentures at least twice per day or preferably after every meal.

New Denture Care Tips Concerning Adhesives

Denture adhesives are another major consideration that you will have to make. These are used to secure dentures in place, helping wearers to avoid unfortunate and embarrassing accidents. The denture adhesive that you use should be sufficiently strong for holding the teeth firmly in the mouth even when you are very active or are enjoying hot beverages and soups. It should also be easy enough to remove during the denture cleaning process. This is yet another reason why a quality denture cleaning paste is so essential. These are most effective in stripping away adhesive residues that can detract from the cleanliness, aesthetics and efficiency of your dentures. With these new denture care tips you can adjust to your new smile far more easily even as you take dedicated efforts to protect it.