White kitchen cabinets have been one of the more classic styles that you can go with. It's something that's been popular through a lot of different themes and part of a lot of different eras. Although, wood cabinets can be more expensive and aren't suitable as a DIY project white kitchen cabinets are an opportunity for you to really branch out with your design style. The focus is really going to be on your cabinetry which can save you money and it allows you to go in all different kinds of design directions.

One of your more daring options is going to be to go with a handpainted kind of effect. This is going to work best if you have a garden theme in your room or a very modern style kitchen. You could just try painting a cherry blossom effect across a few of your drawer fronts or a pattern on the kitchen island. You could even take something very traditional such as a tapestry and really paint the same effect on a few of your door or drawer fronts and then just leave the rest of the cabinets white. It's important to really frame out your artwork. Use a lot of bright colors so it seems modern. Go with handpainting over stenciling so that it doesn't seem too country or outdated.

One thing that you want to consider is upgrading the materials around your cabinets because these really are going to be your focal point especially if you have a lot of white walls or just a plain door front. In this case, you can really upgrade your design just by going with a granite. This will really be the focal point because almost anything is going to contrast against this style of cabinet. If you go with a black granite then this is going to seem very modern. However, if you wanted more of a traditional touch then neutral tans and beiges are the way you should go.

Different themes are going to come through depending on the style that you choose to go with. For instance, antique white kitchen cabinets can really be distressed. If you want a more simplistic design style then just go with a basic ivory. These distressed elements really work beautifully if you have a lot of molding or beadboard on your kitchen island because all of the architectural details are really going to pop.

Going with distressed white kitchen cabinets can at times really overwhelm your room. It's a difficult process if you're trying to accomplish this by yourself because you're going to have to get the same even finish that is still worn from door to door. However, you can just find ways to take the basic bright white cabinets that you already have and relate it back to a very shabby chic element. You could do this by just hanging a lot of different plates on the bulkhead. It should be china with a delicate white pattern. You could also just bring in distressed white elements either on your furniture, island, or even just use a window pane in the place of traditional artwork.