The Easy Bake Oven has long been one of the most popular toys out there for little girls. There is something special about creating your own goodies that gets the imagination and hearts of little girls every where soaring. It is no wonder then that the New Easy Bake Oven has already hit the hot toy list for the coming holiday season. The basic concept has been upgraded and it is ready to go for hours of baking fun.

What Is Different With This Easy Bake Oven

The most remembered part of this iconic toy has be done away with. Yes, you have read that right! The New Easy Bake Oven no longer uses a light bulb to create all of the goodies that have become so popular over the years. Many parents have complained about the light bulb aspect of this toy over the years. From the heat that it gave off to having to replace it so that the children could keep using the toy. This is no longer something that you will have to worry about.

The Basics

The larger baking chamber of this newer model gives even the first time user more then enough space to make all sorts of goodies. The set comes with set as seen here comes with the pans, a pan pusher, a chocolate chip cookie and red velvet cake mix, decorating crystals and a frosting mix. There is also an instruction booklet that contains recipes. - This is really all that your little baker needs to get started. The instructions are easy to follow and the baked goods come out great when the directions are followed.


Once you have purchase the New Easy Bake Oven, you will notice that there is a multitude of mixes available to go with this toy. Your little one is not limited to the yellow or chocolate cake that was the norm years ago when this toy was first shown. There are cookies, cakes, candies, brownies, and even soft pretzel mixes. Every year, the company comes out with more that can be used with this machine. You can even find some great deals on multi packs of mixes. There is a 12 pack that will have your baker busy for days creating goodies to share with friends and family.

Why You Need to Buy the New Easy Bake Oven

The Easy Bake Oven teaches many skills to children that you might not even consider. There is the basic being able to follow instructions. This is very important for little ones to learn. Step by step instructions teach how making sure that you do things in the right order is important.

Your child will also be learning math and measuring. The mixes with them measuring water to be added before they mix everything together. Who knew that a little oven could be such a great teacher!

Order Now

You are going to want to place your order now for the New Easy Bake Oven because it is already flying off the shelves. Many retailers are offering free shipping and discounts on this highly sought after toy. As the shelves start to become bare, you will notice these discounts starting to disappear. That is why it is important to order yours today!


New Easy Bake Oven