Are New England winter getaways a crazy idea? New England is famous for its long, cold, snowy winters, so it may sound like a bad place to plan a winter weekend getaway; in fact, it's quite the opposite.

In Winter, New England Comes Alive

The locals in New England have had hundreds of years of practice with adapting to the cold days of winter. For most people, the winter is a time to stay indoors and wait out the cold weather, but New Englanders are not most people.

New Englanders have learned to make winter fun, they turn a harsh, snowy landscape into a playground. In almost every corner of New England, it's easy to find some fun things to do.

Planning a New England Winter Getaway

There are many hotel and travel sites on the internet where you can easily book a New England winter getaway. With so many options, however, it can quickly become overwhelming. Here are some easy tips to hone in on the best destination for your winter getaway.

Determine Your Winter Activities

Are you an outdoor person? Do you want to cuddle by the fire in a winter wonderland? Here are the common destinations for each activity.

Skiing in New EnglandCredit: Wikimedia Commons, User Pfly

Skiing Adventure

Skiing is the most popular activity in New England; as such, there are many options to choose from.

  • The Berkshires, Massachusetts: Located in western Massachusetts, The Berkshires is best known for its winter skiing and chalets. With beautiful mountains and pristine forests, The Berkshires is a great destination for a winter getaway.
  • Bethel, Maine: In the heart of the best trails of Maine, Bethel offers great accommodation and close proximity to the best skiing in "Vacationland" Maine.
  • Cornwall, Connecticut: One of the oldest ski trails in Connecticut, Cornwall offers over 25 trails and has an extensive network of snow making machines to keep the trails at their best.
  • Killington, Vermont: An all-inclusive ski resort offering the best of mountain trails in Vermont.
  • White Mountains, New Hampshire: White Mountains was one of the first areas in New England to be developed for winter tourism. With its breathtaking views and steep cliffs, it's the perfect destination for skiers.

Sleepy, Small Town Getaway

If you're looking for a traditional tiny town, relaxed, winter vacation; look no further. There are lots of things to do in New England and the following towns offer some peace and quiet but are still a short drive away from shopping, sight-seeing and other great activities.

  • Dover, New Hampshire: Situated near The Kittery Outlets, Dover also offers fine dining, museums and ice skating.
  • Mystic, Connecticut: Made famous by the movie "Mystic Pizza," Mystic offers a great variety of attractions such as an aquarium, shopping and is close to casinos.
  • Salem, Massachusetts: It's more than just a Halloween town. Salem has a lot of historic buildings and places as well as a beautiful coastline. A great place to get a real taste of traditional New England life.
  • Scarborough, Maine: Scarborough offers state parks, wildlife sanctuaries, historical museums and proximity to the bustling city of Portland.
  • Stowe, Vermont: A small village situated between 2 mountains, Stowe boasts a population of just 5,000. Highlights include fine dinning, shopping and arts & crafts.
  • Tiverton, Rhode Island: Located a short drive from Providence, Tiverton is a quiet town in southern Rhode Island that offers many fine dining spots, ocean views and antiquing.
Stowe, VermontCredit: Dudesleeper on Wikimedia Commons

Exciting City Life

Maybe the busy city is your idea of a New England winter getaway. Don't fret, the major cities in New England are the most action packed areas for winter.

  • Boston, Massachusetts: Boston is the hub of New England. With so many winter activities like ice skating on Frog Pond or taking a winter stroll through Quincy Market, you could easily fill an entire weekend.
  • Providence, Rhode Island: Not to be outdone by Boston, Providence offers a huge mall, amazing restaurants and art galleries and a vibrant night life.
  • Hartford, Connecticut: This bustling city loves to ice skate and cross-country ski. In addition Hartford is great for fine dining and the nightlife is exciting.
Boston in the WinterCredit: By Rhavasy (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Go Plan that Trip!

If you need a break from the monotony of life then a New England winter getaway is the answer. Figure out what kind of trip you're looking for, the activities you'd like to do in New England, see the suggestions for destinations above and book that trip! New England does winter right.