Cool Gadgets for the Man on the Go


 1. Pocket Projector for iPhone R 4 Devices

This pocket projector is ideal for the man who is on the go. He can watch his favorite videos, you tube, or pictures on the wall. Perhaps he may want to watch it while laying in bed.  Since it is so small, he can easily carry it in his pocket. How convenient is this? This could be ideal for meetings. It would not need a large projector; just show the pictures on the wall. There are probably endless ways to use this projector. You will find this at pocket projector for $229.99.

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2. Smart Swipe R Personal Credit Card Reader

Now for the man who loves to order online, this is ideal. He can just connect this card reader to his computer. There is no need to type your credit card information. Now just swipe your card when you buy online. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. I even like this. It definitely takes the hassle out of typing. It sells for $49.99. You will find it at smart swipe. This would make an ideal birthday or Christmas Gift.

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3. Lapka Personal Environment Monitor

For that man who likes geeky gadgets, you will like this gadget.  It measures air temperature. It also measures radiation in the air, and much more. This high-tech gadget is still in the production stage and will be available soon.  More information is at My

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4. Motorized Tie Rack

For the man who has many ties and nowhere to put them, this motorized Tie Rack is perfect. You only need to press the button and your ties revolve. It will store up to 60 ties and 8 belts. This is the perfect solution for the man on the go. You will find it at Sharper for $39.99.

Motorized Tie Rack(111423)Credit: Sharper

5. Panther Vision LED Lighted Cap

LED lights are becoming more and more popular. This cap has LED lights that you can  turn on and off easily. This might be ideal for camping and reading at night. Just imagine. It sells for $13.97 at path vision. This geeky gadget comes in black or stone color and batteries come with it.


Panther Vision LED Lighted Cap(111424)Credit: path vision

6. Golf putter laser

This Golf putter laser takes a lot of the guessing work out of alignment when golfing. It assures proper alignment. How technology has advanced. Golfing is so much easier with this Golf putter laser. Stop guessing. It takes the guesswork out of puttering. This can really help you improve your golfing. You might even become a professional. You can find it at gifts golf.

 7. The Amazon Mobile App

This app is for the man who wants no hassle shopping. You can shop directly from your phone at anytime. You can check prices instantly, scan bar codes, and best of all read the reviews that others have given. There is no need to go to your laptop with this easy app on your cell phone. What an ideal way to shop. This is a free mobile app at

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 8. GE 50487 Ultrasonic Sensor Parking Alert

Have you ever accidentally parked to far up in your garage? Possibly, you have accidentally busted through your garage while parking. Well this sensor will take that guest work out of your parking. It will alert you when to stop. There is no need to wonder whether you are too close or not close enough. You will find it at It uses awesome ultrasonic range finding technology. It sells for $21.27

Credit: path vision

 9. Liederboard Digital Music Notebook

How would you like to have a music notebook that you can write your music easily, play it back, and save instantly? Just think of how fast and how much more music you can write? This is not on the market yet, but the goal of this engineer, David Favela, is to have this technology online free. Other musicians will be able to judge other musicians. More information about this project is at projects. This sounds like a great idea.

Liederboard Digital Music NotebookCredit: projects

10. Transparent TV

Transparent TV is graphic design including LCD and technology.  Michael Friebe designs the TV. It is similar to the flat screen TV, but only transparent. It should blend in well with your furniture or other decor. This TV is at Awesome Design

Transparent TVCredit: Awesome Design

11. The Nest Learning Thermostat

You will just love this. If you are a man on the go, you may not have time to adjust your home thermostat. This Nest Learning Thermostat actually programs itself. It remembers every time you turn the ring. It conserves energy and even remembers when you will be up in the morning. When you are away, you can adjust your Nest Learning Thermostat from anywhere. This new technology will give you the extra time to do other needed things. This is at high tech.

 12. Solar DVR Security Camera

For the man who travels often, there is no need to worry.  Your home is secure with this Solar DVR Security Camera. This camera has motion detection video recording up to (4 GB). It lasts 7-8 hours fully charged. The White LED lights keep shine 4-6 hours. It works in temperatures of 20-50 degrees. It  is solar-powered or battery charged. This does include audio and a time stamp. This product is from China and they do offer worldwide shipping.  It is at

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13. Closet Ionic Air Purifier

The great thing about this purifier is that you can use it in your closet or take it with you and use it in your hotel closet. You just hang it up right with your clothes. This is also ideal for bathrooms or small rooms. It is good for getting rid of stuffiness. It does need batteries and sells for $39.99. I would say this is not a bad price for fresh air. This is at Sharper view.

Closet Ionic Air PurifierCredit: Sharper view