The artist who goes by the name of Gucci Mane has been putting out a lot of new music. As of 2009, he has been working with a lot of mainstream artists like Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, and Lil Wayne. He is the owner of his own record label called "So Icey Entertainment" on which he has signed many young southern talents. A couple artists that most fans of Gucci Mane have heard are Zaytoven and Frenchie. The artist Zaytoven commonly works with Gucci when they create new songs. He is the producer behind some of Gucci Mane's most classic pieces of work like "Pillz (I Might Be)" and "My Plug Is An Alien." However, he has also been working on making new hits for Gucci and had produced most of Gucci Mane's mixtape entitled "Writing on The Wall," which he had released shortly after he was freed from jail.

There are a few songs that have been creating some major publicity for Gucci Mane. One of those songs is called "She Got A Friend" and stars Gucci's friend Juelz Santana as well as one of his brothers from the south, Big Boi. The artist Big Boi is one-half of the platinum and grammy award winning duo, Outkast. Juelz Santana currently owns and manages his own record label and artists. To have the all-star lineup of Gucci Mane, Juelz, and Big Boi all on the same track together was a blessing for all of their fans. The song is brand new and has already gotten a lot of spins by club deejays and radio stations. It is working its way into becoming among the top ten hip hop songs for 2009.

That song is not the only hit for Gucci Mane though, as he has a bunch of other songs that his fans have enjoyed. One particular song called "Photo Shoot" has also been getting heavy airplay by the radio stations. It is naturally a completely unedited song, but Gucci put together a radio-friendly version for all of his fans to enjoy and experience. He has also been featured in a new song by the platinum-selling artist who goes by the name of Lil Wayne. The song is entitled "Steady Mobbin" and expresses the emotional intensity that both artists are experiencing with all of their fame. There is also a new song called "Obsessed" by Mariah Carey that Gucci Mane made an appearance in. This surprised many people because he really decided to clean up his lyrics and make music that anybody can enjoy.

Even though he is passionate about making music for the streets of Atlanta where he grew up, he also wants the rest of America and the world to be able to listen and enjoy his stuff. He is an artist who tries hard to please everybody and really enjoys performing his new songs. Other new Gucci Mane 2009 music that has come out has gotten a lot of support and acceptance from most rap fans. Tracks like "I Think I Love Her (White Girl)" featuring Esther Dean and the song "My Shirt Off" are prime examples of songs that appeal to both his neighborhood and the rest of America. Be on the look out for more new Gucci Mane as he continues to work with more mainstream-artists and put out classic music.