Kurt Cobain was the musician that defined the grunge era of the 90s. His music lives on and while he only lived a short time he influenced dozens of new artists. Fender guitars has just come out with their new Curt Cobain signature Mustang guitar that is modeled after the famous guitar he used on many of Nirvanas songs. Now you can be a part of rock history and make your own impact on the music world With the Kurt Cobain Mustang guitar by Fender Musical Instruments.


Kurt Cobain MustangCredit: Amazon

When Cobain took to the stage he was often seen with the odd shaped Fender Mustang. He could have bought a Les Paul or a Fender Stratocaster with his money but he picked something different. He wanted to stand out in the crowd and he did with his Mustang guitar. This instrument isn’t as fancy looking as a Les Paul or a Stratocaster but it sounds just as good and would make a great instrument for your collection. Cobain liked the small size of the Mustang which fir his hands well and allowed him to make his style of music. It’s important to find an instrument that fits you well and try out different makes and models. Sometimes it takes an odd guitar like the Mustang before you find something that you can truly call your own. This guitar runs around $1000.00 online but you may be able to get it for less on sale somewhere.


The Kurt Cobain Mustang comes in several different colors including Fiesta Red, Sonic Blue, and Dark Lake Placid Blue with a body finish of urethane. There are left-handed versions of the guitar as well as the standard right-handed version. The body of the instrument is made out of Alder wood and it has Twenty-two vintage style frets. The position inlays on the guitar are vintage ivory dots. The fretboard is made out of Rosewood with a 7.25” radius (18.41cm).  The neck is a “C” shape neck that is made out of Maple wood.

For electronics this guitar has Humbucking Seymour Duncan JB model in the bridge position. The neck pickup is a Mustang single-coil pickup. The guitar has a pickup selector switch with an on/off slider and an in/out phase switch for each pickup on the instrument. There is a master volume knob along with a master tone knob on this Mustang guitar. The hardware on the guitar is made out of chrome with an Adjusto-matic bridge that features a dynamic vibrato tail piece. The string nut is synthetic bone and the guitar has a 4-ply Tortoiseshell pick guard.


Caring For Your New Guitar

Guitars take a certain amount of care and it’s often when we don’t look after them that problems occur. Here are some tips to help you enjoy your new guitar.

  • Change the strings - Even though your guitar comes with new strings it’s better just to change them right away. The guitar has been sitting on the shelf with many other people playing it. A fresh set of string will make the guitar sound much better. Plan on changing strings at least once a month and more if you play often.
  • Use a Polishing Cloth and Polish – You can buy guitar polish and a special polishing cloth to clean up your guitar. Don’t use chemicals like detergents on your guitar because you can damage your finish over time and it’s best to just use a bit of guitar polish on the guitar. Try a little water on the spots that are really dirty.
  • Hard Shell Case- Get a decent hard-shell case for your guitar and avoid damage to your instrument. Most gig-bags are just not strong enough to protect a valuable instrument like the Mustang. You need to invest some cash in a hard-shell case but it’s worth it in the long run.