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New hair colors can be great or they can be a disaster. It's your choice, but the problem is that many every day ordinary people do not know what to ask before they choose their new hair color. There is also the problem of not knowing for sure what their need or want is, consequently they're unprepared to care for this new color after the fact.

What qualifies me to give you new hair color tips is being a licensed cosmetologist since 1983. This is a long time in the hair business and I have colored too many heads of hair to count at the time of this writing.

The first thing you need to know is the upkeep of the new hair color and if you will be able to do it. There is a huge difference in getting a highlight and bleaching the entire head. The upkeep of a highlight can be stretched up to 4-5 months, while a bleach touch up is every 3-4 weeks. What can you do or what are you willing to do as far as upkeep?

Upkeep is huge; it involves money and time, so this is a major factor. I have seen too many women that let their new hair colors turn into something that looks like old doll hair when they can't or are unwilling to do the upkeep. Know what is required of you to keep color looking good.

The second concern for new hair colors should be what is the need? Are you covering gray or will a highlight do to blend it in? Do you just want to add body to the hair or do you want a complete change? Have you really thought this through and asked a professional their opinion? Many well meaning friends and family may suggest this or that, but are totally clueless as to whether the result will be flattering or plain flat.

Third, there should be a consultation with a licensed hairstylist. Many of them will do this for free even if you do not use them to do the service. Just go into the salon during a slow period, which is usually any weekday in mid afternoon. I have done this many times to help people out and not be bothered by it at all.

Fourth, use only quality products on chemically treated hair if you want optimal results. Non professional products strip hair color quickly then it's dull way before it's time. Do yourself a favor and ask a stylist what hair products are best for your particular color.

Fifth and last, be realistic about new hair colors and don't try to wear a color that does not suit you. Consider your makeup, clothes, style and personality before you decide. Oh, one last thing, do not over use hair chemicals, especially if you have weak, fine hair or you may not have any hair left to color next time.