New Hampshire Mountain Streams Offer Trout Fishing For Lunch

New Hampshire Mountain Streams Offer Trout Fishing For Lunch whenever I visit the area. It's the right place to go if you happen to have a taste for the freshest trout possible, in the entire world.

Once or twice a year I've made the trip for many years. The mountains of New Hampshire offer thousands of small streams and brooks that are teaming with both native and stocked trout.

There are a few things needed for this unique culinary endeavor. Number one, a fishing license. I happened to learn this the hard way, as I was standing on the edge of a pond when the game warden happened along and reminded me of the importance of this item.

Upon finding that I did not happen to possess said license, he promptly handed me a fifty dollar fine as a friendly reminder. As you can understand I can't stress this one enough. If you are a resident then the license is cheap, 36.00 will get you fishing. If you are a non resident, it can be expensive. There are however, three and seven day permits for vacationers and visitors.

I like to limit my tackle, but then I am a minimalist, actually that's not entirely true. I'm also a little lazy and I never like to carry more then I need. I'm not saying you can't bring your fancy tackle box or that screaming 150 horse bass tracker, I'm saying you don't need them. You can grab a cheap fishing rod that will do the same thing. All of the streams and rivers are well stocked by the fish and game which shows all the license money at work.

The New Hampshire fish and game department does a fantastic job of controlling the population of the fish in the entire area.

Some ponds and streams are strictly fly fishing so make sure you check the rule book you'll get, when you get a fishing license. If they don't give you one, make sure to ask for it.

The little book you get, will have all the restricted bodies of water in it and that way you won't meet my pal, the game warden and his little ticket book. This manual will also have pictures of the different kinds of trout you may come across in this area.

Great Trout Fishing

There are different limit sizes for different breeds and a whole chapter on identifying a salmon which look very much like trout.

Salmon do swim in the waters of New Hampshire and the limits are special. Pay particular attention to knowing your fish. Mr warden will be watching.

Once you get all legal, then were ready to go catch some trout for lunch. Start out by locating a good map of the area you intend to visit. New Hampshire isn't the biggest state in the United States but it sure is big enough to get lost in, another thing I learned from personal experience.

Some folks are very hardy and they may decide to book themselves one of the many campsites that are available very cheap throughout the state. I myself have found one of the many roadside cabins that rent for under a hundred dollars a night and it happens to have a stream that runs right by the porch.

OK this may sound lazy but man is it convenient. I go on the porch and I toss in a line and the pans on the stove all ready. Now I catch a trout, gut it out and in five minutes I'm eating it.

I ask you, how can you get fresher fish then that? I think you may have to eat it alive. I usually just put a little margarine in the pan and brown both sides of the fish until the meat just finishes getting white and then it's lunch.

Mountain Streams Offer Great Trout Fishing

It's that easy. Fishing in New Hampshire, is almost always a sure thing. You will catch fish. I have camped in the woods with ten ft. of fishing line and three little hooks for a week and caught fish standing on a rock in the middle of the river just by bobbing a hook with a worm in a pool.

No tackle, a piece of 8 pound test and a hook. Thats it. I brought a pan and a knife because thats what I needed, I brought the pound of margarine because I like it on my fish.

That particular trip I had no stove, just a small fire, on the rock I caught the fish on and.... Wait a minute, I guess that was fresher. Anyway I digress. Get out to the woods of New Hampshire sometime, if you ever get the chance and make sure you try to remember, New Hampshire Mountain Streams Offer Great Trout Fishing For Lunch.

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