Down From The NotchNew Hampshire's Franconia Notch truly is a vacation wonderland. Scenic overlooks and roadside stops with amazing photo ops where the sheer cliffs rise hundreds of feet straight up, 20 feet from the road.

There are places along the highway where mountain ranges loom in the distance and Forests of green unfold for your camera.

Rivers follow you along , as the miles roll on and end in a serene fog ridden lake at the top. Mist flows in the breeze and often a moose or two can be spotted strolling along on the edge of the woods.

Hawks soar overhead and some of the best trout fishing in the world is found in this region. Native salmon also run the rivers and lake trout have set state records. Fisherman come from far and wide to fly fish some of the fly fishing only streams and lakes listed throughout the area.

Campgrounds can be found, scattered in and out of the National Forest. There are certain areas where you can have a fire and some that you can't, so make sure you check with the area town hall, or local police station if you intend to camp or hike into the forest.

Calm Lake at Franconia NotchThe national forest surrounding this area, is a vast wonderland that expands before your eyes from lazy twisting highways that will test the best transmissions.

The ride is well worth the effort, with constant breathtaking views.

Weather conditions are extreme during winter months and all hiking is discouraged during these months.

Skiing however abounds throughout the state and the slopes are incredible. Classes for the beginner and triple diamond runs for the extreme skier give anyone coming here exactly what they're looking for.

Restaurants range from down home country cooking, to sushi bars and pretty much everything in between. The small town friendly atmosphere is the one common thread.

If your planning a trip to this region, make sure to take a trip up the Mount Washington auto road, or ride the cog railway to the summit. New England's tallest peak is something to climb, if your interested in a hike. The mountain offers trails from beginner, to expert.

Lost River GorgeCredit: Robert VannordenThe autumn in New England has been the subject of poetry and novel alike. Inspiration for some of the most beautiful paintings and photographs. Writers ramble, about the rambling countryside, generations of painters have captured the landscapes.

Coming to visit New Hampshire once is usually not an option. Once you've enjoyed the great outdoors this state can offer, you will most likely be back for more.

Clarks Trading PostCredit: Robert Vannorden

Clark's Trading Post is another famous landmark, that for decades has amused children and adults alike with its trained black bear acts. The kids can purchase peanuts and send them up a rope with an old tin cup on a pulley. This is a time honored tradition for many New England families with children who grew up in the area.

Lost River TrailsCredit: Robert VannordenLost River Gorge is an inspirational walk along miles of river gorge that was carved out by moving glaciers thousands of years ago.

 Trout can be seen swimming in the crystal clear pools as you walk along well crafted boardwalks and uncountable stairways. Any trip to this area should definitely include this attraction. Make sure to bring the camera as the views are almost indescribable.

Another favorite summer pass time for this area is yard and garage sales. People come a long way for the antiques and oddities that can be found in these old little towns. Hundreds of years of junk to some and treasures to others are always lined up along the back roads of New Hampshire just waiting to be discovered.

Yard Sale ItemsCredit: Robert Vannorden