Christmas window decorations involve a lot more than just basic lights. This is really your opportunity to decorate the interior of your home. It's definitely easier than the exterior. Plus, you can really take advantage of a lot of pieces that would get ruined outside. It's important to really make sure that you choose pieces that work both on the inside and the outside of the window. This gives you a great holiday look no matter where you are in your home.

Faux Candles

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Decorate the Sill

This is probably the easiest way to decorate for Christmas. Look for LED faux candles for an elegant look; just make sure that you get a pack that is large enough to decorate all of the sills in one room. This is much easier than putting up a lot of different lights around the whole window. Even though I have lights I rarely get around to hanging them up but this is a solution I could actually get done!

Hanging Snowflakes

Hanging Ornaments

One option is to try hanging ornaments. You don't want to ruin your windowsill or your curtain rod so pay attention to the weight. This is going to add a lot of sparkle to your window. Remember to vary the heights. You can also use this as an ornament display. You might want to hang a special rod for this just so that you're sure that you can still open and close your blinds. This works best on a window where you don't need a lot of privacy. Plus, it really gives your ornaments much more importance than what you'd find on a tree and it's a unique way to display the most important items to you. However, this can look a little bit busy so make sure that you just go with a basic silver or white motif which can also match any thread that you choose to hang it from.

You'll want to really use this idea to create specific looks. Sure window clings are the traditional ways to really create Christmas window decorations although this can seem a little bit too juvenile or predictable. In this case you might just want to use oversized hanging snowflake ornaments and they can even have a little bit of sparkle or glitter.

Traditional Decor and Window Wreaths

This can be a very traditional look. Find lightweight wreaths that you can hang in the front windows of your space. This might just be an evergreen style with a basic red ribbon. It can even have lights on it if you really want to get an illuminating look without really having to hang up those pesky Christmas lights.

Christmas Light Curtain

Window Treatments

Play around with your interior décor as well. If you have really beautiful window moldings then show them off. Look for longer garlands that you can swag over your windows. This works well as just a way to add a holiday touch to windows with simple blinds or shades on them.

You can even work this into your existing window treatment. Look for a fun holiday valance. This could be a dramatic satin version in your favorite metallic. It can work throughout the holiday season if it doesn't have a very specific palette or patterned fabric. Instead go for a luxurious holiday look to really make sure that it matches the rest of your elegant décor.

Another option is to go with a winter wonderland theme. Right now slate blue and gray are perfect decorating colors for the modern style. You can just really try this out by getting nice satin draperies. This is neutral and you can have it up all year round. It will also match more ornate flocked trees and silver ornaments.