Living room color schemes are a chance for you to express your personality. This is often the room where you do a lot of the entertaining in your home and it might even be your guests first impression of your personal style. In this case it makes a ton of sense to just decorate with paint and create unusual palettes even if you have the same basic beige sofa that everyone else has.

One thing that you'll really want to consider when choosing your room color ideas is to go with those colors that you really love but may be a little scared of. This could even be warm like orange. The key is to find a patterned fabric. You could use this on your window treatments or your chairs. This works well for smaller spaces because such a bold color won't overwhelm it. You can still get a very daring look in an apartment just with your furniture choices. However, since you're just using it on accents it isn't that much of an investment. You'll want to make sure that the pattern still has a tone that really relates back to your main sofa color. Then the rest of yours could be a more neutral taupe.

Orange has recently really made its way back into design. At first it just was in the contemporary and modern worlds with very sleek bright white and orange pairings. Now we are seeing it a lot more with just a softer taupe which works with anything. You can blend it in with a traditional style depending on the kind of area rug that you choose to go with.

Other room color ideas are going to be a lot more neutral. This is perfect if you're scared of color but you still want to get a pulled together look. It also works if you and your spouse can't really decide on a color. In this case you want to go with very interesting furniture pieces and art pieces that have a lot of texture to them. This could mean going with wrought iron wall art. It could even be painted for more of a shabby chic look. You can also bring in a lot of glazed furniture or two tone pieces which are still going to be very neutral but add interest to your space. Sometimes the style of decorating can cost you a little bit more money just because the focus is really going to be on quality in this type of room.

When you choose interior colors. You will need to decide what the focus of your room is going to be. You might just want to highlight some new dark wood floors. In this case it makes sense to go with a lighter wall color. This could even just be a pale gold. Instead, it's a basic white. You could also draw your inspiration from fireplace stone. You don't want the room to feel too heavy but then it allows you to incorporate a lot of the neutral grays and tans that are so popular in decorating right now.