Wallpaper borders have really gone out of style lately. This is a shame just because this is such an accessible and inexpensive design style. It can be one of the most whimsical and least expensive DIY projects that you can do in the space. Here are a few modern ways that you can really still use wallpaper borders.

When you go for kids wallpaper borders there is a tendency to go for a very cutesy theme or even cartoon characters. This can look very dated. Right now chalkboards are all the rage in design. You might not know that you can get chalkboard wallpaper instead of just chalkboard paint. This could be a vinyl wall decal. Even if you just get a roll of this you might be able to really cut it out and form it into a border quite inexpensively although your lines will need to be really straight. You could just use this around the perimeter of your room so your kids can actually write on their walls. This really gives you plenty of drama even when there's nothing written on this. This can be a sleek black stripe that can be suitable for boys or girls or even teenagers.

When you consider wallpaper borders for kitchens again it's important to really find pieces that are durable and inexpensive. In this case, you might want to go with more of an anaglyptia style wallpaper. Again, if you can't find this in a border style you can probably cut it. This is going to be a very cottage kind of inspired feeling. However, you can take it in all different kinds of design directions because it is one of the few paintable wallpapers. This means that you can make it match your wall color if you don't want your pattern to stand out too much. Another option is just to make sure that you go with more of a copper kind of design style that can be very traditional or Tuscan. This is very vintage inspired as well if you just put a soft green or butter yellow over it.

When you go for discount wallpaper borders sometimes it doesn't pay off because they do end up just looking cheap. However, if you really shop around you may be able to find pieces that either again, you can cut out making an interesting shape or you can just find pieces that are more simplistic. Usually a wallpaper border is just going to be a repeated pattern over and over. If this has a lot of pictures on it then it seems extremely cheesy. However, if it's something that would naturally repeat such as a linen type of pattern or some sort of fabric then this can be a lot more convincing looking.

You might even be able to just find very plain wallpaper borders. This is really going to be your best bet and it can even be part of wallpaper borders for kids. In this case you want to go for more of this solid color design. It could even just be white and can really mimic lace. It's really going to break the box of the plain rectangular border that everyone seems to put in the middle of the room. You could even install it near the ceiling.

You can also find a lot of interesting materials for your wallpaper borders. Burlap or grasscloth wallpaper is extremely popular. It can also be very expensive. You can just add a few subtle touches of this to your room. You could even just use it for simple DIY projects such as covering a cornice box.