Texting is a growing trend and is possibly considered one of the last miles of social networking. Until now, there has never been a platform that allows us to establish instantaneous and private introductions with those closest to us whom we see on a daily basis. Texting has become the new way of communication in the mobile world and PlateTXT is the company that will develop a new industry trend.

PlateTXT, what is it?

PlateTXT gives you the ability to have private, localized mobile messaging through a license plate number. This license plate number is a unique identifier which protects your personal contact information and gives you the ability to control how you receive and send text messages. By law, public agencies cannot associate your personal information with their license plates. This includes your telephone, address and email information. The PlateTXT platform provides the same layer of privacy to our customers. This puts you back in control of your contact information and communication.

Academic World

Another safe program would be to Colleges. With texting, we are connected 24/7. Higher Education schools are required, by the U.S. Department of Education, to have a way to communicate with students in a timely manner in case of an emergency. With a higher education program in place for students and professors, this platform will provide instant communication so that a student who may need an immediate assistant with a professor can contact them within a timeframe that enables them to meet their class projects. PlateTXT also gives students the ability to instantaneously communicate with one another and still protects student's personal information. Online registration has its reward, but what if you were unable to be near a computer when you need to register? Again this platform provides you an instant method to connect and communicate with mobility. These are just a couple of programs that can provide quick communication for higher education schools.

Employee Assistance Providers and Benefit Brokers

There are many ways that users can benefit from PlateTXT. One of them would be for EAP's and Benefit Brokers who want to offer safe driving programs to their clients. The goal is to see these safe driving programs as a preventative measure to moving violations, traffic accidents, claims, lawsuits, and the worst-case scenario, the loss of life. EAP's and Benefit Brokers will be willing to offer a yearly discount, comparable to a good-student, greater than the cost of the PlateTXT safe-driving program.

Industry Movements

New industry trends are constant in our lives. But what about being able to network locally and establish relationships right away through safe introductions without negotiating your personal information? Well, now there is a new craze that gives you private, immediate, and localized mobile messaging by allowing you to communicate via a license plate number.

Private Mobile Messaging puts users back in control of their personal contact information.