Lil Boosie is a musician that is always releasing new songs. This artist is always in his recording studio cranking out new songs to please his following. There have been a number of excellent mixtapes that he has released for his fans, and he has also created some cool collections that are for purchase by all music lovers. Coming up in 2010, you can anticipate that some new Lil Boosie songs will be released. There is quite a bit of never-before-heard music that he will be recording and putting on his next CD, which is going to be called "Free At Last". This album will probably not be for sale prior to him being released from prison, where he is completing an incarceration term.

So, what will the upcoming Lil Boosie songs be like? He will definitely continue to draw inspiration from where he grew up, which means there will probably be some songs done in cooperation with rappers from the south. One new Lil Boosie song that he's still working on is entitled "Missed Me?" Anyone who's ever heard it will say that this piece will be awesome once it's completed. The completed song has yet to be recorded, so it will probably show up on Jay Jenkin's upcoming album in the "Thug Motivation" series.

Some other musicians that you might hear on Lil Boosie's future CDs are Little Phat, Little Trill, Big Poppa, and Hurricane Chris. Currently, his followers already own his CD entitled "The Return of Boosie", from which they are able to hear a lot of new Lil Boosie music. Excellent songs such as "Grim Reaper, "Hate To Hear Our Name", "Deebo", and "Lime Lite" are certain to get a lot of play in the dance clubs in and around Louisiana. He will always have a lot of fans since he constantly gives them new songs. These songs will stick in the listener's head, but they are also encouraging and galvanizing for listeners across the globe.

Even though his music is extremely popular in the south, the new Lil Boosie songs are gaining additional popularity with a wider audience. Certain new music, including "Purple" and "Money Money Money," are striking a chord with all different listeners. The clubs and his loved ones will continue to get his songs out in the southern states, regardless of the fact that he can't record any new material until he completes his 2-year jail sentence. After he is released, he is going to record a bunch of new songs, however, it is rumored that he will still need to complete about 6 more years of probation.

The song "Pain (Lil Ivy)" is also a new selection by Lil Boosie, and it includes the artist Hurricane Chris as a collaborator. This is a person with whom Boosie has collaborated on prior CDs, so he knows he can produce a great product with them. Listeners usually enjoy hearing these collaborations with other artists because they show that they can work together. A few other musicians that will always work with Boosie are Trina and Lil Phat. A bunch of new Boosie music was produced in 2009, but expect 2010 to produce even more, so be sure to keep your ears open.