There are lots of massively multiplayer online role playing games available on the market. Some are free. Others charge a fee to play. None of them are alike, and some are clearly more advanced than others. However, even the best games cam leave something to be desired. Therefore, here are some areas where this genre could improve:

1. More new MMORPGs that are really free, and don't require subscription fees will bring in a larger number of players. Some, like Guild Wars, are free to play, but you'll have to buy the cd. However, this games has a specific ending to the storyline. To finish it, you'd have to buy additional chapters. This results in a structure that ends up working like a subscription.

A completely free game would be something a lot of players have been waiting for. However, free software can be problematic, because of the volunteer nature of the game. Such a game might be supported by ads, or by a premium level of content for which dedicated players could choose to pay.

2. Another idea for a new MMORPG is one that would allow crossovers. Depending on the game world and stat structure, it might be possible to import characters from another game world.

Doing this right would take some careful planning, since different games worlds can have vastly different ways of operating, as well as different power levels. A new MMORPG developer who wanted to use this strategy would please a lot of fans, but would have to be careful that some players didn't come in a lot more powerful than others.

3. With the rise of bot and third party program use, many games are unfair for players that don't use these programs. A new MMORPG should have the ability to track down these programs when in use and catch the cheaters.

Already, advances towards this have been made. World of Warcraft players who are caught using third party programs that make the game unfair will have their accounts banned from playing in the future.

4. It's hard to talk to other players around the world in most games, since not everyone speaks English. One option that could be included in a new MMORPG, as translation software continues to advance, is a translator that could allow users to type in their own languages and output to the languages of other players.

However, this would be difficult now. Anyone who's every used computer translation knows that sometimes it works, and sometimes it produces gibberish. This is why it's necessary to have better translation quality before this new MMORPG could be implemented.

5. Since different players have different interests, one direction that a new MMORPG could choose to go in is to have a fully realized world. This would allow characters to travel over larger distances - for instance, from one continent to another.

Transportations services could even be operated by players who receive rewards for doing so. This would make the primitive economies that occur in most of these games a lot more realistic, and create niches for players who don't want to earn their experience by going out and fighting.

Currently, the MMORPG is just getting started. We don't know what kind of advances a new MMORPG might offer down the road. Perhaps some of these ideas will be implemented in the future, when their problems are more easily solved.

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