New MOT Rules(78946)
Credit: haak78

It's bad news i'm afraid, or at least it will be for many motorists when the new EU rules on MOT's come into effect in April 2012.

When the new changes come into place the new MOT rules will include new checks on pricey electrical car technology. Items including the seat belt pre tensioners, electronic stability program and anti lock braking systems will all be affected to name just a few. These electrical items can be costly to repair or replace and the cost of doing so can easily exceed the value of a car depending on it's age.

So your car could become a huge lump of scrap metal before you know it.

The Changes Are Expensive

Costs to repair or replace electrical items may exceed the value of your car.

If electrical items fail and the bill to repair or replace the defective parts is greater than the actual value of the car then your car will be what's technically known as a write off. This means that you may be forced to hand your much loved pride and joy over to the scrap yard.

The new rules won't be fully implemented until the beginning of April 2012. VOSA, the government agency that handles MOT registrations, will for now treat many 'Fails' as 'Warnings' or 'Advisories'.

It is difficult to understand how this fits in with the EU and government 'green' polices. It has much less of an impact on the environment if you are to keep a car long term and repair and replace parts when required than buying new cars and scrapping existing ones.

Amateur Mechanics

Completing your own service could soon be a thing of the past!

The new MOT rules will bring changes to the already complicated MOT system. If the new technologies which are applied to cars are going to be coming under increased scrutiny, then surely it makes sense to put pressure on the car manufacturers to make the parts easier to repair, replace and cheaper to buy.

The way that technology has increased on cars in recent years has had a big impact on many amateur mechanics. Without the use of expensive tools and diagnostics equipment, completing the annual service and carrying out repairs on your own car is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

There's Not Long Left

How do you feel your car will fair in the new MOT test? If you think it will fail then I suggest that you take it for an MOT before April 2012. This way you'll have an MOT certificate to last you the next 12 months, therefore giving you time to carry out the repairs or sell the car.

After the new EU MOT rules kick in it seems that the more modern electrical safety features or toys your car has, then the greater the chance you'll have a MOT failure on your hands come April 2012.

If your car doesn't have a Catalytic converter then it's certainly going to fail the new EU MOT test.

Affects On Cost

How will the price of an MOT be affected?

It goes without saying that the price of an MOT will increase.

Once the new MOT rules come into place the tests will take much longer to complete and labour costs don't come cheap in the automotive industry. The MOT test stations are also going to need new expensive equipment in order to carry out the new checks and ultimately it will be the consumer that foots the bill.