When you are looking for new marketing tips, you can't ignore SMS messaging or, simply, text messaging. The advice here gives you a solid foundation on which to build your text messaging marketing plan for the greatest success.

Know your keyword, and build around it

In search engine optimization, or SEO, keywords are very important to SMS messaging, especially because SMS messaging is doing "more with less" compared to a full web post. Know your keyword or phrase, and make sure you stay on target with it. This helps you stay focused, and prevents you from wasting precious characters on fluff.

An excellent keyword analysis tool used by many professionals that can help is Market Samurai. It's worth it to take a look and see if the tool can work for wou. 

In SMS marketing, short is best

Think of the text messages you normally read. Do you like it when you get a long text? Not usually. The same applies to using SMS as a marketing technique. Approach it the same as you would for billboard advertising. You have only a few fleeting seconds to grab someone's attention and persuade him or her to take an action, so use no more than 14 words, and pack them with meaning. You'll find your SMS marketing, and any new marketing tips on mobile marketing actually, much more effective when you approach it this way.

Make sure you provide potential buyers with the choice to opt-out

This is more than a guideline; it's the law. There must be a way for the receiver of the text to opt-out or unsubscribe from receiving more SMS messages from you. Be sure to have the method available in every message you send.

Make your SMS messaging as personal as possible

No new marketing tips article would be complete without discussing the power of personality. Just as in email marketing, the more personalized you make your message, the more apt the reader is to take action. Therefore, develop messaging based on the information you know about your audience. If there are ways you can profile certain groups within your database, then develop messaging that is specific to what you know about each group. If you can add first names into the messaging, do so. Take it as far as you can go to personalize the experience. This gives your message the best chance of being read rather than deleted the minute it is received.

Make your message topical

A great messaging strategy is to tie in current events, both in the news and pop culture. If your message is timely and addresses something of interest to the readers, then they are more likely to take action on it.

Market coupons and discounts via SMS messaging

Coupons and discounts are perfect tools for SMS marketing. They lend themselves to short messaging and provide a powerful call-to-action. The more you are able to build these into your SMS campaigns, the more likely you are to convert your texts into sales. Remember, SMS messaging is still a medium that is more personal than professional in nature, so if you are entering into SMS marketing, it's important to give the receiver of the text a reason to be happy that he or she received it. A personalized coupon does just that.

SMS marketing is a real power player in your mobile marketing strategy, as long as it is used correctly. Follow the new marketing tips above, and you will hit the ground running.