New Moon: Weaving The Etheric Blueprint
Credit: Dave DeHetre a.k.a Davedehetre (cc)

The new moon offers a short span of rich opportunity to imprint your etheric field with a blueprint that harmonizes with you. Being very detailed with the seed you plant doesn't have to be done in a scramble, however. If you plan in advance during other moon phases, you can successfully implement the ideal etheric framework as soon as the new moon peaks out from the indigo blanket of night.

There are a myriad of methods for working with the waxing moon's drawing energy, but the following are particularly useful for the planting of new thought seeds in particular.


  • Create A Sigil

A sigil is a configuration of symbols that describe the energy pattern you're creating.

If your aim is to plant a new moon seed that increases prosperity consciousness, you can put together an image of a crown made of gold bars. Balance it with positive symbols, such as stars, and consider what kind of foundation the crown sigil will use. Perhaps a good symbolic foundation can be found in a symbol that best represents the work you do – or hope to do. Other sigils can be more cryptic and include highly stylized variations of symbols – including even letters and numbers that represent the intent being seeded into the etheric field for manifestation on the material earth plane.


  • Utilize Affirmations


Your affirmations will charge the sigil with intention and imbue it with the force specific to each moon phase as seen in the following examples:


              New Moon Affirmation:

e.g. "I celebrate my wealth and my prosperity consciousness is expansive."

Your new moon affirmation is in line with the thought seed you're planting in your etheric field. Repeating this affirmation during the new moon phase will act as a kind of sunlight for the seed. The warm feelings you project onto the seed will act as the water it requires and the astral “earth” its planted in.


              Full Moon Affirmation:

e.g. "My prosperity consciousness is supercharged."

The full moon affirmation will act as a supercharging of energy toward your new moon thought seed. Gather a lot of energy through meditation or watch highly inspirational videos if you can. It's an excellent way to maximize the moon's powerful energy at this time.


              Waning Moon Affirmation:

eg. "My poverty consciousness is gone."

The waning moon affirmation should approach your objective by focusing on banishing and diminishing blockages and unjust interruptions of the flow of energy to your end goal.


  • Create A Battery

A battery can take the form of a crystal, a specific symbol ( like the sun or moon), a charm that is symbolic, and even a buzz word. Your objective will be to sit with the battery everyday for as much time as you can give it while you wait for the first buds of your manifestation to emerge. The battery will specifically “charge” your sigil with the energy it needs to repel corrupt interference like projected confusion and even doubt.

The best ways to charge your battery are to sit it in sunlight for yang energy (projective, fire/air energy), moonlight for yin energy (receptive, water/earth energy), or both. Once your battery is charged, sit it on top of (or under) your sigil whenever you're not recharging the battery itself. Also, hold the battery while you repeat your daily affirmations for increased effectiveness. The new moon and full moon are great times to charge a battery.


Seeding an etheric imprint is work. If you give it the time and attention it requires without giving up or giving in to doubt, you will experience results. Sometimes new moon seeds show their first shoots in the mental plane by improving attitude and increasing a sense of optimism toward your goal. Gives thanks for the beginnings of the successful blooming of your etheric seed in the manifest earth plane no matter how small results may seem.