Christina Ricci In Black Snake Moan

Available On Netflix Streaming In March

Black Snack Moans
Credit: Christina Ricci

It's recently been reported that almost 25% of households in the U.S.  now have Netflix streaming in their home. 

Netflix's stock in the last month has gone from $60 per share to over $160 as the value of their product is being realized by investors.  If you can't afford to buy their stock you can certainly afford the $7.99 monthly subscription for unlimited access to their massive library of movies and TV shows available to stream.

Netflix streaming intends to knock HBO off its perch as the premier producer of original programing.  They started out last month with House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey.  Unlike normal television, Netflix is making all of the episodes available all at once when they release a season.  They intend to do the same with their reboot of Arrested Development later in the year.

For $7.99 per month you will be hard pressed to find a better value in entertainment than a Netflix streaming subscription.

Along with the unique shows they are producing such as House of Cards and Arrested Development they also continue adding top-notch movies and TV shows to their massive and continually growing library of streaming media.

Below is a list of some of the new releases which will be available on Netflix streaming in March.

Netflix Streaming New Releases For March


The Mask of Zorro


Ghost Dad


The Man From Snowy River

The Importance Of Being Ernest

American Me

Hustle And Flow

Ice Castles

Black Snake Moan



There's No Business Like Show Business

Nicholas Nickleby


Sweet Liberty

The River's Edge

Jodi Breakers

The Limits Of Control



TV Show Of The Month

Call The Midwife Series 1

Call the midwife is a series set in the slums of London during the 1950's.  Midwives are akin to nurses who specialize in the birthing process and assist women during childbirth, which typically takes place in their own homes as opposed to a hospital which is the standard today.

The show chronicles the lives of several midwives charged with overseeing the baby boom in less than ideal circumstances, where medical care is sparse, money is tight and families are often fractured. 

The midwives themselves are an odd mix of Nuns and lay women who live together and care for their charges the best they can given the limited resources they have at their disposal and the sheer number of births they have to oversee in an overpopulated slum.

Call the Midwife is an interesting look at a little understood profession during a trying time of development in post war England. 

The complete first season of Call the Midwife is available on Netflix Streaming in March.


Movie Pick Of The Month

Hustle And Flow

Hustle And Flow is a 2005 film which tells the story of a pimp who strives to become a rapper.

The pimp is played by Terrence Howard who was nominated for Best Actor for his portrayal of the main character, DJay.

Hustle and Flow does a good job of portraying the life of a pimp and the prostitutes which he exploits while at the same time protecting. 

Howard does an excellent job of making the audience understand the difficulty involved in trying to make the best of poor cirumstances and the hope involved in trying to claw ones way out of a life they were born into.

Hustle And Flow will be available to stream on Netflix in March and is well worth seeing if you missed it and also worth a second viewing if its been awhile since you've watched it.