Why is Everyone Crazy for the New Netflix Deals?

Most internet savvy movie buffs have heard of Netflix by now, the internet movie rental company that popularized both DVD delivery by mail as well as instant viewing online. For a while now, netflix customers have had their choice of ordering movies to their homes via regular U.S. mail. Selected titles have also been cleared for online viewing, so customers can log into netflix's website, browse their favorite online titles, and begin streaming them immediately through their computers.

Other home entertainment devices, such as video game consoles, also have the capability to play Netflix through the television. Now, however, a wave of new netflix deals has only helped to boost the company's already widespread popularity amongst viewers and movie buffs.

New Netflix Deals - The Online Viewing Only Option

One of the new netflix deals features an online viewing only option. This option allows new users (or current users that wish to downgrade) to take advantage of these new netflix deals by paying only $7.99 per month to watch unlimited movies, documentaries and television shows online by streaming them from netflix's website. This is excellent news for previous netflix users and new netflix users alike that always preferred the instantaneous experience of streaming shows online, without the hassle of waiting on the physical mail. If you don't really care to wait around for a DVD to show up in your mail, the instant viewing only option is the best of the new netflix deals for you to take advantage of.

The online viewing experience on netflix's website is a pleasant one. The site is relatively quick to load despite the massive amounts of data it serves each second to its gigantic user base. Once online at netflix.com, you can click the instant viewing tab to see only those movies, tv shows and documentaries that are available for online viewing. Keep in mind the one downside to these new netflix deals is that the online viewing selection is definitely more limited than the entire netflix library including the movies that can only be seen via physical DVD.

You can tell whether a particular title can be viewed instantly online or only ordered via dvd by checking the buttons underneath the picture of the movie and its title. If you only see a red button that says "add", then this title will only be available to cutomers taking advantage of netflix deals that feature some mailing component. However, if your title also has a blue button below it labeled "play", then you are free to begin streaming the title via your computer or game console.

Again, if you prefer or exclusively use the online viewing option, this is the best of the new netflix deals for you. At $7.99 per month for unlimited viewing, it really can't be beat.

New Netflix Deals - New Packaging for a Classic Plan

If you're one of those viewers that enjoys the online viewing but also wants the freedom of being able to select from the entirety of the netflix library, you can opt for a number of different plans that include physical DVD service via mail. Depending on how many different DVD's you might want at any given time, certain of these new netflix deals will be more suitable for you than others. For example, if you never use more than 2 different DVD's at a time, you can opt for the $14.99 per month plan that will allow you to watch unlimited instant play movies and tv via netflix.com, as well as have 2 DVD's at home at any given time.

As soon as you're finished watching one or both of your DVD's, you can simply drop them back in the mail using the pre-pair mailers sent along with your DVD's, and as soon as they are returned to the nearest netflix processing facility, netflix will automatically send out your next DVD's.

If you find that 2 DVD's are just not enough for you and everyone in your household, you can also pay $19.99 per month in order to receive up to 3 DVD's at any given time, or $27.99 for up to 4 DVD's.