The fitness minded professionals are networking at the gym and drinking nutritional drinks, as oppose to the alcoholic beverages.   Also, the great thing about this is that I know after I have a good workout, I feel really good.

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Aimee Blanchette of the Startribune emphasizes that the benefits of entertaining clients at a spin class (a class that you exercise using exercise stationary bikes) instead of going to  happy hour include increased productivity and creativity from employees. I recall the days of networking in the past by going to after hours after work with co-workers or even bowling or golfing together.   This is still done, but as more people are becoming fitness aware, there are those that are incorporating this new fitness strategy.   That is much healthier than drinking the alcoholic drinks.

For those that sit at a desk most of the day, exercising at the gym is a welcome change.  I like that more organizations are thinking about the fitness of people.  I like that they are attempting to add this strategy at their workplace.  This strategy produces a win/win situation for both employers and employee.   

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According to Dan Klamm of person-to person meetings allow for building of stronger relationships.   I agree with this.  So  the employer can take care of several aspects during networking part of which include healthy interaction by exercising together.   Both of you get fit and get a really good exercise workout.

It is not just enough to go to work and do your job.  The relationships that you build can help you with your job.  When networking, you may find key players that may support and help build your ideas that can ultimately make your company millions of dollars. 

Credit: Commons,,Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported suggests that you should think about the long-term effect when networking.  They further add networking is about building relationships not immediate pay-offs.   So when you are going to the fitness spa regularly, over time you can build healthy networking relationships.  The good thing about the spa is that all can get physically fit at the same time.   Start networking today at your fitness center.