So, you love pasta but would like to make your own rather than paying over the odds for the packet variety? Easy, you just need a simple pasta maker machine. The only snag is choosing which one. Since more of us are interested in creating Italian cuisine at home there are a growing number of models now available, at a huge range of prices.

Here are a few simple things to think about when choosing your new pasta maker machine.

  1. Simplicity! Yes you can buy motorised, automatic machines that do it all for you. But, if you want the real texture and flavor of good quality fresh pasta you have to keep it simple. Of course if budget is no problem there are restaurant quality automatic pasta makers. But for the home cook on a realistic budget forget it. Cheap automatic pasta makers are difficult to use and easy to clog up or break and completely unnecessary.
  2. Stainless steel! Simple to clean, hygienic and pretty difficult to break, whatever your budget choose a stainless steel pasta maker machine. The rollers and cutters MUST be stainless steel but the body of some models is chrome plated which can be fine, but stainless is better, and available even within the most budget makes such as the Pinzon Pasta Maker.
  3. Variable roller settings! You really want a minimum of six roller settings and more is preferred. The idea is you start with the thickest, roll your pasta dough through, then move to a slightly thinner setting and roll again. Continue the process till your pasta is delicate and smooth. Nine thickness settings is ideal.
  4. Clamp! Once you load some heavy pasta dough into your pasta maker it will be a little top heavy and easy to knock. Get one that clamps onto your counter top and do use it.
  5. Cutters! To be honest I really wouldn't worry about getting a pasta machine with oodles of cutters thrown in. So long as you have one double cutter to easily create fettuccine and spaghetti you are pretty much sorted. Since without the cutter you have lasagna sheets that can be turned into any number of other shapes with a simple knife. Once you have got the hang of using the machine, and know it is worth the extra little expense invest in some more cutters then.

That's it really. All you need is to avoid anything too gimmicky and opt for a simple, handcranked Italian styled pasta maker machine. Abide by the guidelines above and you'll be impressing the family with home-cooked fresh pasta in no time.