With the introduction of the internet many changes happened and many others will continue happening in our lives and the way businesses and companies either small or big behave and interact with clients and future customers; nowadays it is not essential to physically go to a store or supermarket to buy the things we need; in fact, many of the purchases of products and services are made online; this tendency will only increase with time as countries in which internet was not easily accessible are opening their doors to this new tool.


Companies who failed to adapt to current changes will go bust; however, the use of social media will provide everything you need for your company to increase its presence online, build a reputation as a reliable provider and attract new customers which will guarantee survival in the long term. If your company wants to attract new customers and keep the existing ones then using social media is vital for success; the facility and easiness of communicating with customers in an impersonal but interactive way suits both (customer as he or she doesn’t need to translate to the companies’ premises and the organization as there are less overhead and personnel costs; as well as the possibility to increase the geographic target by spreading the word to what was considered unreachable locations for just a fraction of the cost).

Social Media Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

It is important to differentiate social media to marketing; this is completely different to the way businesses used to market their products or services. Although the use of the internet for marketing research has been with us for many years now; this new form of promotion is relatively new and learning the tricks and “how to do it” will ensure the success of a business, the best part is that contrary to previous models, only small amount of money and stress is needed to build your e-brand.


The Zen of Social Media Marketing Principles

The most popular product marketing tools are explained in easy, no-nonsense and practical way by Shama Hyder Kabani, the author of one of the best web marketing books you will ever read "The Zen of Social Media Marketing”. The best strategies to master Facebook for your business, twitter and LinkedIn are explained step by step, as well as tips on how to be more effective and save energy and time. The internet marketing approach proposed by the Consultant Shama Kabani is unique and innovative. The Principles and fundamental pieces of electronic marketing to build credibility, generate buzz and increase revenue are:


1)      ATTRACT: in the context of digital marketing, we refer to bring visitors to our website. Driving traffic is the key for success and this can only be achieved with a strong brand; an e-brand that differentiate your company from your competitors; however, having a good brand is not enough; you must have a good SEO ranking; otherwise your company will not be found when searching for your specific products or services.


2)      CONVERT:  Once you have mastered the principle of ‘attract’, it is fundamental to learn how to convert that visitor into a customer. Although a visitor is the first step; it is not enough to have a ‘reader of your content’; you must offer something to that reader in order for him or her to become a client and to do that you must build your brand – social sites are perfect for people to know you and start the interaction process needed for this conversion


3)      TRANSFORM: Success will only attract more success - transformation requires that the reputation of the company has been established at this point and the products and services offered are better quality that those offered by our competitors; however, the real success of web marketing is when your own customers become your best marketing tools: attracting their friends to be part of your growing group of clients; how can they do that using social media? They can propagate information by posting a comment on Facebook or a tweet on Tweeter; this technique is more useful as when someone you know make a comment it won’t be considered Facebook Spam.